Animal Complaint – San Antonio Avenue - Officers were called to the same address on multiple occasions for dogs barking for long extended periods.  The homeowner was not home on any of the attempts to contact them and no dogs were heard barking.  On the last call regarding the barking, the Officers did observe the dogs barking in the yard.  The homeowner was issued Nutley Township Ordinance for Noise complaint.  Officers were able to make contact with the homeowner by phone, and advised them of the complaint.

Fraud/Suspicious Incident – Bloomfield Avenue - Officers were called to the area in regard to a suspicious package delivery.  The homeowner stated they received a delivery of “Nest” smoke detectors that they did not order.  At the time the delivery came a black Hyundai pulled into their driveway with a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.  The victim asked the male party what he was doing and he stated he was looking for his friend, “Justin” at a different address on Bloomfield Avenue.  The homeowner pointed out the address and the party pulled out of the driveway and traveled southbound on Bloomfield Avenue.  It was at that time Police were contacted. 

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The homeowner was advised to check all of their credit reports for any possible fraudulent activity and found two transactions on their American Express account.  The fraudulent charges were for $5,963.54.  American Express was contacted and advised of the fraudulent charges. 


Motor Vehicle Stop – Spruce Street - A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of the driver, Kevin Lyall, 36, Island Land, South Carolina.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, issued summonses for DWI and Refusal.  He was advised of his mandatory Court date, and released.

Disturbance – Centre Street - Officers responded to the area on a report of a disturbance.  Upon arrival, a male party was found attempting to contact the resident by banging on the door.  He was there to attempt to gather his personal belongings to move out.  A check of the party found an outstanding warrant out of our jurisdiction, and Mr. Murphy, 29, from Bloomfield, was placed under arrest and taken into custody.  A search incident to arrest found him to be in possession of CDS paraphernalia.  Mr. Murphy was charged with Possession of Paraphernalia, processed, advised of his Court date, and advised of his release on his own recognizance for his existing warrant, and given a new Court date. 


General Investigation – Franklin Avenue – Headquarters received a report from the victim who stated that they were at the gas stations and asked for $10.00 of diesel fuel.  It was realized that the attendant pumped $10.00 of regular gas into the tank and the vehicle was not running correctly, due to the error.  The victim was advised that the incident is a civil matter. 


Unwanted Party – Washington Avenue – Officers responded to the area on a report of an unwanted party.  The scene was calm upon arrival and Units observed a party on the ground with no signs of visible injury.  The male party was said to have entered the premises, began yelling for a ride and continued to act irrational.  One of the employees attempted to escort him out when a “shoving match” ensued and the male actor laid on the ground refusing to get up.  Both parties were advised of their right to sign a complaint should they wish to do so.  The male party was transported to the hospital.

Criminal Mischief – Chestnut Street - Officers responded to the area in regard to a report of criminal mischief to a motor vehicle, with the actor fleeing the scene.  The caller stated they observed a white female, purposely damage a vehicle.  The actor left the scene in a Nissan Altima.  Another witness gave the same information in addition to a white heavy set male, mid-thirties, about 5’9” in height, arguing with the female actor.  The male party left in a Subaru. 

The victim’s vehicle was found to have the windshield wipers broken off, the driver’s side door handle broken off, both rear door handles damaged, the front license plate broken off, passenger mirror damaged, and other damage to the body of the vehicle including scratches and dents Detectives investigating are in the process of identifying suspect and charging her with criminal mischief.


Field Interview – Washington Avenue - Officers conducted a field interview with a male wearing a denim jacket who was found to have an outstanding warrant out of Newark.  Mr. Edgar Medina, 57, of Bloomfield was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  Newark PD was contacted, and advised that Mr. Medina could be released on his own recognizance with a new Court date, which he was advised prior to his release from custody.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that they received two (2) emails in response to tickets they purchased from United Airlines.  The victim purchased a ticket and through a mistake they obtained a second ticket.  The email received regarding the second ticket, instructed the victim to follow a link that sent her to a “Roger” who claimed to be a refund representative, but would not name the airline that he worked for.  “Roger” stated that it was common practice to use gift cards as a form of payment.  The victim provided “Roger” with the codes to a Google play card $250.00 and a Game Stop card valued at $500.00, for a total of $750.00.  Before realizing this was a scam.

Lost/Stolen wallet – Franklin Avenue – Headquarters received a report of a lost wallet.  The victim stated that they left their wallet in their shopping cart in the south parking lot.  The establishment was contacted to see if anyone turned in the lost wallet with negative results.