Theft – Centre Street - Headquarters received a walk in report of a stolen cell phone.  The victim stated they were playing basketball in Yantacaw Park when their cell phone and driver’s license were stolen.  The red iPhone XR was placed on a park bench near the basketball court and the license was secured under the cover. 

Theft – Park Avenue - The victim of a theft reported the incident to Officers.  They stated that they were a patron at the business and left their iPhone 8, valued at $550.00, on the counter and then left the building.  When they returned to retrieve the phone, it was missing.  An unknown male actor, described as possibly white or Hispanic, with a shaped beard, gray hooded sweatshirt, black pants, and a baseball cap, was seen picking up the phone and leaving the store. 

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Criminal Mischief – Yantacaw Place – Officers responded to the area on a report of Criminal Mischief.  The homeowner stated that when they arrived home today they noticed someone spray painted two “X’s” in white spray paint on their driveway. 

Suspicious Party – Centre Street - Dispatch received a call regarding a woman that was was locked in the bathroom of a convenience store for some time. The female  was not cooperative with officers and resisted their efforts to assist her.  She was placed under arrest, transported to Headquarters, charged with Defiant Trespassing, Obstruction, Resisting Arrest, and Aggravated Assault on an Officer. 

Defiant Trespass – Franklin Avenue - Officers arrived at the location regarding an unruly patron.  This actor was advised earlier in the day that they were not welcomed at the establishment and not to return.  After returning, Kenneth Maruri, 20, of Nutley, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters.  Mr. Maruri was charged with Defiant Trespassing (PDP) and Resisting Arrest (DP), which were both placed on summons with a Court date.

Aggravated Assault- Police were called to a local establishment in response to a dispute. Officers found a victim had sustained facial injury as a result of an assault. The victim was transported to an area hospital. The incident remains under investigation.


Suspicious Incident- Police were called to a Passaic Ave residence in response to a suspicious incident. The tenant advised Officers that their utilities had been turned off. A check of meters identified the service turned off, and the utility company advised it was not them who turned it off.


Motor Vehicle Accident – Police were called to a motor vehicle crash on Franklin Ave, when the Officer observed an unconscious person behind the wheel. The officer was able to shatter the window using a hammer and gain entry to provided medical assistance to the driver a 45 y/o Nutley woman. The woman was transported to an area hospital.


Overcrowding – Police were called to a Franklin Ave establishment, when the caller reported overcrowding condition. The management feared that with the large crowd of customers, that it could become unsafe. The store doors were temporarily locked until the crowd settled without incident.

Fraud Attempt- Police have received reports of this and other phone frauds that residents are receiving. The Nutley Police Department Includes how the call was received for public awareness of frauds that are perpetrated by these fraud artists. As always, do not provide any personal information or send money to anyone without verifying with a family member or police.

Fraud Attempt 1)

      Nutley Resident walked into HQ to make a suspicious incident report.  He stated on 3/12/20 at 1:01 p.m. he received a text message from an unknown phone number, 941-xxx-xxxx.  The text message said "  (name)  Nutley, NJ, xxxx  St.  Nutley, NJ,  07110 Listen I'm the boss of the Zetas cartel and pimp of the domestic sexual service house.  I've been calling you because you've been talking to one of my girls who offered you service and you just wasted her time.  I have implanted a fee that you must pay. If you do not pay a couple of your family will lose their lives.  Do not try to block or turn off the phone because I have your address and your family too. Call me to solve something in a good way." 

Fraud Attempt 1)

On 3/11 Mr. Resident responded to HQ to document a report for a suspicious incident. Mr. Resident stated that he received a text from (831-xxx.xxxx). The text states that his number was acquired from their records and he needs to pay them $1500. Mr. Resident stated that he makes purchases from various online sites on the internet but has no idea who or what company they were affiliated with. The text contained various images of bloodied bodies to be common MS-13 and/or ISIS like graphic photos from the internet). The final picture was three individuals in masks pointing guns. Police advised Mr. Resident that this was a scam and have seen the same pictures used in similiar scams in the past. He stated that no personal information was given or compromised. He was advised that he could block the numbers.

Suspicious Incident– Police were called to a Crestwood Ave residence when the caller reported that two individuals were digging in the rear yard of a home that for sale. When police arrived the actors told officers that they were burying a deceased cat. Animal Control and Code Enforcement advised.


Missing Person – Coeyman Avenue - Officers took a report of a missing 18 y/o man. Police were able to locate the man unharmed at a friends home in  Pennsylvania.

Suspicious Incident- Police Officers inspecting school facilities, observed movement near the trash container. Upon further inspection they found an intoxicated man with a head injury and no shoes. The man was transported to an area hospital for his condition. Police were able to locate a family member and advise of the incident.