Fraud -  Headquarters received a walk in report regarding credit card fraud.  The victim stated that they received an email from their credit card company notifying them of a charge totaling $2,128.71, that the victim did not make.  Another email was received regarding another purchase in the amount of $750.00, also not made by the victim.  The financial institution was contacted regarding the fraudulent charges and an immediate hold was placed on the account. 

Theft – Donna Court – Headquarters received a report regarding a theft.  The victim stated that they had made a transaction with a buyer from the website Let Go.  The buyers responded to the area and purchased a pair of Air Jordan sneakers for $215.00 and paid the seller cash.  A while later, the victim checked the money and felt that it was counterfeit.  The victim tried to make contact with the buyers to set up an exchange and get their money back but the actor/s stop answering their phone. 

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Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding fraud.  The victim stated that they had several fraudulent charges on their bank credit card.  There were 6 transactions that took place in the area of Jersey City and totaled approximately $325.00.  The charges were reported to the financial institution who closed the account and issued the victim a new credit card. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a report of a fraud.  The victim stated that an acquaintance of theirs needed a ride to Indiana.  The victim, being an Uber driver, stated they would take the trip for the price of $850.00, to which the friend agreed. When they arrived back in New Jersey, the actor gave the victim a check in the amount of $4,294.64 and told the victim to deposit it in their account and keep the money they were owed, and to send the rest of the money to the actor through Zell (a bank money transferring application).  The victim agreed and without knowing, overdrew their account once the account didn’t clear. 

Additionally, the actor gave a check ($4,750) to the victim to help with his credit card debt.  The check bounced.  After being advised, the actor produced another check $5,000.00 and that checked bounced too.  During all this, the actor claimed to be making payments to the credit cards, but the victim found none of the payments posted, but the actor purchased two airline tickets in the amount of $2,381.42.  The actor gave another personal check to cover the expenses in the amount of $2,500, which also bounced.  Upon being contacted by the victim again, the actor wrote another check for $2,000 but that was not deposited due to the previous incidents.  The actor has no longer answered any of the victim’s calls.  The victim was advised to close all of their accounts and Officers attempted to contact the actor with negative results.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.

Threats – Park Avenue – Nutley Police received information that a student attending Eastwick College made threatening comments during class.  Upon meeting with the school administrators, confirmation was made that an adult student said things that caused concern after an argument in class. 

As a precaution, Police put local schools, including Washington and Little Angels, on notice while they continued the investigation.  After speaking with students, faculty, and the suspect, Bryant Perez-Mina, 26, of Paterson was charged with being with Terroristic Threats and Harassment, which were placed on summons.   He was released pending a court hearing.


DETECTIVE BUREAU CHARGES MAN WITH PARK AVENUE BURGLARY – A burglary of a safe, money, and other important documents, along with several vehicle batteries that was reported last week, resulted in charges against Gregory Devingo, 60, of Belleville.  Through the efforts of Nutley Detectives, they were able to place the actor on the premises during the time of the theft of the items.  Mr. Devingo was charged with Burglary and Theft.  


Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding fraud.  The victim stated that they had an inquiry for an estimate for an event booking.  The total amount for the services requested were estimated at $19,930.00.  They later determined the credit card to be fraudulent.  Attempts were made to contact the actor, all with negative results.  Police are investigating.

Criminal Mischief – Walnut Street – Officers met with a victim that observed scratches on the driver’s side door and front quarter panel of their vehicle.  It appeared as someone used a key or possibly a close passing vehicle caused the damage.  The victim was advised by their insurance carrier to document the incident with a police report to file a claim.

Property Damage – Chestnut Street – Response was made to the area in regards to a report of property damage.  The business owner wanted to document damage to the building by the doorway into their restaurant.  They stated a company delivered a refrigerator this afternoon and while negotiating the way through the door, the hand truck struck the corner of the entry way and knocked a piece of wood trim and masonry brick-face off the wall. The company was advised and asked for a Police report to be submitted with a bill for the damage.