Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding fraud.  The victim stated they received a phone call from a party who identified themselves as “Alex Parker” representing from the mortgage company of the victim.  He advised the victim that they qualified for a loan modification in which the victim agreed.  “Mr. Parker” stated that in order to start the modification, the victim must purchase three (3) American Express Blue Bird cards for the amount of $500.00 each totaling $1,500.00.  The victim purchased the cards and made contact with the actor “Alex Parker” and advised him of all three card numbers over the phone.  After not seeing any transactions, the victim contacted American Express to report the incident and was told the three (3) cards were used at an Auto Sale location in Ohio and has a pending investigation open regarding the incident. Additionally, the mortgage company has been advised. 

Fraud – Officers responded to a residence to take a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they were scammed out of a total of $5,000 from a party named “Charlie Fischer,” who contacted them via telephone, claimed to be a lawyer, stated the victim’s grandson had been involved in a car accident, taken to jail, and was now in the hospital for injuries to his nose, face, and needed money for the incident.  The victim sent $3,000 in one hundred dollar bills via Fed Ex to an address in Bridgeport, CT.  The following day, “Charlie Fisher” called back stating that the grandson needed another $5,000 because a pregnant woman’s child died as a result of the accident.  The victim stated they could only send another $2,000, which they were instructed to get in one hundred dollar bills, and a delivery service would respond to collect the money.

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Upon returning to their residence after obtaining the money, a party in a parked vehicle stated they were there to collect the money.  The actor was described as African American, about 5’8” in height, skinny build, 35-38 years old, with black short hair, wearing a t-shirt that was possibly blue or black and jeans. The vehicle was a black four door sedan and occupied by only one party. After being given the money the vehicle drove east.  After the two exchanges, the victim contacted their grandson’s father and told them about the accident.  The father stated that the grandson was not in Connecticut, he was home, and had not had an accident. 


Shoplifting – Franklin Avenue – A call regarding an actor involved in two separate incidents of shoplifting were reported by the store manager.  Officers responded and ultimately placed under arrest Scott Horst, 40 of Belleville, and transported him to Headquarters.  Mr. Horst was charged with 2 counts of Shoplifting, both Disorderly Person’s Offenses (incidents were less than $200.00), advised of his Court date, advised he was no longer welcome at Nutley and Belleville Shop Rite or charges for trespassing would be issued, and released from custody. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – Centre Street – Officer initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of Jeremy Ramos, 33, of Newark.  He was transported to Headquarters, issued motor vehicle summonses for: Driving While Suspended, Unclear Plates, Obstructed View Windshield, Failure to Produce License, Registration, or Insurance, Driving Without Insurance, Driving Under Influence, advised of his mandatory Court date, and released. 


Recovered Stolen Vehicle – Highfield Lane – Officers responded to the area on the report of a suspicious unoccupied vehicle.  Upon arrival, they were met by the callers who noticed unusual activity on their RING doorbell history. They observed two vehicles pull up in front of their home, a tan Dodge Durango was parked and left at the curb before all parties left the area.  The Durango was found to be car-jacked/stolen out of Passaic, NJ.  Nutley Officers remained with the vehicle until Passaic Police arrived on scene and had the vehicle towed to their jurisdiction. 


Identity Theft – Headquarters received a walk in report of Identity Theft.  They stated they received a billing statement for a Comenity Bank credit card with a balance of $581.  The victim never opened an account with this financial institution.  They were contacted, advised of the situation, and indicated that the account was opened online and was pre-approved, therefore a credit report was never generated to notify the victim of the account.  Comenity Bank requested the victim to file a Police report so their Fraud Department could investigate the incident further.  The victim elected to be entered into the Identity Theft Victim database.  Nothing further.


Fraud – Victim reported that they received a call from a person named Neo. Neo stated that he was from the IRS and that the victim had a warrant out for their arrest because someone registered a car in their name, in the state of Texas, that was found to have drugs in it. In order to clear the warrant, the victim would have to pay the total of his warrant for $10,000. The victim was told to pay off his warrant by using gift cards, to which they purchased a total of six.  Two (2) Mastercards for $500.00 each, one (1) Visa card for $500.00, and three (3) Best Buy cards for $500.00 each for a total of $3,000.00. The victim then provided Neo with the gift card numbers over the telephone. After providing Neo with the card information the victim arrived at Headquarters to see if their warrant was still in effect. The victim was explained that this is a common phone scam and the incident should be documented. Neo was not provided with any checking account information, but believes he may have the victim’s social security number.

Theft – Franklin Avenue – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a theft.  The victim stated they ordered an item, valued at $20.78, through Etsy Online Shop which was shipped via USPS.  The delivery was not received by the victim.  The tracking number indicated that the package was left, but was not present when the victim went to retrieve it.  The victim was advised of how to obtain a copy of their report for their records. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – Route 21 – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of the passenger Paige Fletcher, 20, of Newark.  She was transported to Headquarters without incident.  Ms. Fletcher was found to have an outstanding warrant out of Newark, to which Newark PD provided a new Court date and released her on her own recognizance.  She was printed, processed, charged with Possession of Marijuana, advised of her Nutley Court date, and released with her summons.  The driver of the vehicle was issued a motor vehicle summons for Failure to Signal before being released from the scene. 


Burglary – Franklin Avenue – Officers responded to the area in regards to a burglary to motor vehicle.  The victim stated they parked their vehicle and went inside the bank.  When they returned they found the front passenger door window shattered and items from the center console taken.  Police are investigating.