NUTLEY, NJ - Two-hour parking near Roche property was discussed as well as an announcement of updates to the fire department’s policy and procedures during the Tuesday, Oct. 17 open public board of commissioners meeting.

Mayor and Public Works Commissioner Joseph P. Scarpelli opened the meeting with a moment of silence for the late Nutley resident Marie Vicchiariello, the township’s risk manager with C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency in Nutley. She died on Oct. 16, 2017.  

Vicchiariello was named the 2017 Nutley-Belleville Columbus Parade Nutley Woman of the Year.

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We lost one of our residents, who was involved in many aspects in the community, charitable [and] political,” said Scarpelli.


Revenue and Finance Commissioner Thomas Evans announced the township held a tax sale for 2017 on Oct. 5. According to Evans 82 properties were involved with the tax sale. The total property tax valuation was $184,696 for 26 properties that owed property taxes and $18,889 for 67 properties for water taxes.

Public Safety Commissioner Alphonse Petracco announced the two-hour parking limit situation at Conduit Place and White Terrace has not been solved. The revised ordinance was passed on Aug. 15 allowing residents on Highfield Lane, from Washington Avenue to River Road, and residents on Conduit Place from Highfield Lane to White Terrace to park their vehicles from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday.

According to Petracco half the blocks on Conduit Place and White Terrace are opposed to the time limit.  “I think we are in a no win situation with whatever we do. … All these residents are pushing to go to some kind decal,” he said. The Commissioner is not inclined to going to a decal program believing it may penetrate or encourage illegal overnight parking.  Nutley does not allow overnight parking.

Petracco said with the Hoffman-LaRoche site being redeveloped streets surrounding the area including Edison Avenue are questioning their parking situation as well.

“The feel of the residents is that they pay taxes here too and if they have company in those hours they have the right to park in front of their home. … We have to put this up in the forefront at some point. It’s creating a lot of issues with people catching buses and going into the city,” he said.


Ordinance No. 3373 to add handicap parking to 52 Milton Ave. was introduced. A public hearing will be held on Nov. 21.


A fair and open contract was awarded to Applied Landscaping Technologies Inc. to re-turf the soccer field at Father Glotzbach Park.  The company’s $359,376 bid was the lowest.

Funds for the soccer field renovations include a Green Acres grant for $262,586, Green Acres loan for $87,529 and a township bond ordinance for $350,115.

The township will be accepting sealed bids at 3 p.m. Nov. 30 for the Park Avenue Cellular Antenna Installation. Township Attorney Alan Genitempo explained that the pole is eligible for the three different carriers to be on it; currently it only has one. “We want to try maximize the revenue from the tower,” he said.

A liquor license transfer was approved to go from Madya, Inc. trading as Heller & Heller to Prahar trading as Heller & Heller. Transfer fees were paid. The transfer will be effective on Nov. 3.

Vreeland Avenue resident Carlo Mautione was issued a $50 refund for a tree permit. According to Township ordinance No. 665-22, Preservation of Trees, for each tree cut down residents must pay $50 for a permit. The ordinance also says that the Department of Parks and Recreation will issue a refund for each tree permit if a new tree is planted on property. The township forester must approve the tree size and species in advance.

A permit fee of $403 for home renovations was refunded to DeVausney Place resident Bruce Boucard.

Various raffle licenses were approved.

Public Comment

Resident Rory Moore questioned why the contract agreement on the rental fire engine is stricter than the one the township has in place. “You have to have five years before you can drive a fire engine, you must be over 25, you can’t have any prior accidents,” he said.

Genitempo said, “We put that language in that contract, not the rental company. …to add extra protections in there.” He also said that the township is considering stricter regulations for the fire department.

According to Commissioner Petracco, consultant Bob Young was hired before the fire engine accident to work on getting policies and procedures and trainings up to date order. 

Policies, procedures and training methods are changing according to Petracco.

Petracco said a few years ago the police department was accredited and now he is doing the same for the fire department. “What the accreditation does … it updates all your files - policies and procedures put them in order and it holds your departments to higher standard,” he explained.

“I was amazed myself that firefighters throughout the state of New Jersey do not have to have a CDL [commercial driver’s license] license because of the tonnage of the truck,” he said.

Genitempo said, “…we learn more from our failures than our successes.”

Moore questioned the $70,000 rental fee that he claims will come out every six months until the new fire engine is purchased in about 18 months. Petracco said, “It’s not coming out if tax payers dollars.” According to Petracco the township is insured for the $70,000 rental fee.

A special Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 30.