NUTLEY, NJ - The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a Court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing.

Medical Calls:  48

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Motor Vehicle Accidents:  19

Disputes/Suspicious Incidents:  23


Theft – Rhoda Avenue – Headquarters received a report of a theft.  The victim stated that they had a package delivered that was taken from their front door step.  The package was worth $200.00.  A nearby surveillance system picked up an actor that took the package from the front porch and then entered a small black sedan to flee the area.  The victim was advised that should the actor become known, they had the right to sign complaints.  Nothing further.

Theft – Bloomfield Avenue – Officers responded to the area to take a report of a theft.  The victim stated that their “Star Shower” laser light was stolen from their front lawn.  The light is described as a Christmas decoration that is valued at approximately $60.00.  Neighborhood was canvassed for information with negative results.


Theft – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a theft/fraud.  The victim stated that they noticed multiple unauthorized transactions to their account.  The first transaction was for $4,360.00 the second transaction was for $4270.00, and the third transaction was for $5,000.00, for a total of $13,630.00.  The manager of the bank was notified and stated that the financial institution was not responsible because it was the victim’s computers which were hacked.  The victim advised the bank that they had two computers, their personal laptop and their work computer.  The financial institution stated that the bank would be conducting an internal investigation.

Identity Theft - A walk in report was made with Headquarters regarding identity theft.  The victim stated that they received several credit cards in the mail that they did not apply for.  Someone had used the victim’s identity to apply for the following credit cards:  Freeman Jewelers, Sam's Club, Kohl's, and Littman Jewelers.  The Kohl's card had an $896.00 charge on it and The Littman Jewelers had a charge of $6,899.10. The other cards had no charges on them. The victim contacted all the credit card companies and canceled all of the cards.  The credit card companies stated the victim would not be responsible for the charges and they would have their Fraud Dept. follow up on the investigation. The victim was advised and chose to be entered into the Identity Theft Victim database. 


Motor Vehicle Stop – Franklin Avenue – Officers performed a traffic stop and found the driver, Herbert Logerie, 26, of Montclair, to have an outstanding warrant out of Bloomfield Court.  He was taken into custody and transported to Headquarters without incident.  Bloomfield Police were contacted and released Mr. Logerie on his own recognizance.  He signed the appropriate forms and was given his new Court date. 

Burglary – Conover Avenue – Dispatch directed units to the area regarding a residential burglary.  The homeowners advised Officers that they were missing a mason jar full of coins with an approximate value of $30.00.  The doors and windows of the house were checked for visible signs of forced entry with negative results. The Detective Bureau arrived on scene and assumed the investigation.


Found Property – East Passaic Avenue - Officers were routed to the area regarding a found/abandoned bicycle lying on the sidewalk near the corner.  Described as a 26” women’s Schwinn, 10 speed, not found to be stolen.  It was transported to Headquarters for safe keeping. 

Criminal Mischief – Oakridge Avenue – Headquarters received a report of a possible burglary in progress and responded to the area.  The caller stated they observed a possible Hispanic male, approximately 20-25 years old, wearing a gray NY Giants sweatshirt, and blue jeans throw a rock through the front window of the residence.  Officers observed the front broken window and what appeared to be visible signs of forced entry to the side of the residence.  There was a tool left behind at the scene which appeared to be used in attempt to force entry.  Essex County Sherriff's Department was notified, and K-9 responded to the scene and retrieved a scent off the tool which was left behind by the suspect.  Detectives responded to process the scene and dust the window for fingerprints.  The homeowner returned home after being advised of the incident and Officers found the suspect inside the residence.  Eric Perry, 27, of Nutley, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was processed and charged with Criminal Mischief and released on his own recognizance with his mandatory Court date. It was also found that Mr. Perry is a NJ Wanted Persons out of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, who after being contacted, stated they would be responding to the Nutley Police Department to pick up Mr. Perry.

Harassment – Franklin Avenue – A report of harassing phone calls was received.  The victim stated that while working they received a total of 15 phone calls from the same number, which came back to a patient from the office. Additionally, the male party was whispering and making sexual comments towards the victim.  The right to sign a complaint against the actor was explained to the victim along with the right to prevent the patient from returning to the office.  Officers attempted to make contact with the actor with negative results, but a message was left advising the actor to contact Headquarters.  No further action taken.

Suspicious Person – Franklin Avenue -   A call of a suspicious party came into Headquarters and upon arrival Officers observed the subject sitting in the mulch bed outside of the building.   Robert Simone, 45, of Kearny, was placed under arrest for two outstanding warrants out of Newark.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, Newark P.D. was contacted and released Mr. Simone on his own recognizance with his new Court date.


Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report of fraud.  The victim stated that their credit card had been used by an unknown party for a payment to Netflix.  A previous report was made in the month of November, whereas the same incident occurred and the bank cancelled the card and issued another.  In researching further, the victim found the new charge to be on the newly issued card which caused them to believe that the actor/s is in possession of their personal identifying information. Officers reached out to an Investigator who will be forwarded the past reports along with this current incident for follow up.  No further information at this time.

Suspicious Person – Vreeland Avenue – Officers responded to the area regarding a suspicious party looking into driveways.  Joseph Lamanna, 24, of Nutley, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (grinder), printed, processed, advised of his mandatory Court date, and released.

Theft – Moore Place – A homeowner reported that a golf bag was missing from the front porch of their residence.  They are unsure when it was taken, but did note that there were 3 workers doing interior work on the home.  There were other golf clubs in the same location that were not taken. 

Simple Assault/Criminal Mischief – Nutley Avenue -  Officers responded to the area regarding a dispute.  The caller stated that they were making a food delivery and the total was $11.75.  The actor gave the driver $12.00 and when the driver returned the quarter change, the actor said to throw it because he didn’t need it.  The driver threw the quarter in the driveway, away from the actor, and while walking back to their vehicle they were hit in the back of the head by a sandwich thrown by the actor.  Additionally, the actor smeared the sandwich over the windshield of the delivery man’s car.  James Marra, age 22, of Nutley, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was charged with Simple Assault, Criminal Mischief, which were placed on summonses, advised of his Court date, and released.  

An arrest was made in connection with the following report contained in last week’s Police Blotter: 

Lewdness – Warren Street – A 911 call was received and reported that two juveniles walking home from school through the park saw a man expose himself.  He was described as a tall, thin, white male, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black shorts, leggings and dark sunglasses.  He also had a thin beard and brownish curly hair. The actor ran up towards Franklin Avenue where the area was checked including the surrounding neighborhood with negative results.  The Detective Bureau was advised and assumed the investigation.” 

Through their continued research, Detectives were able to make an arrest of the actor in question.  Marcio Maia, 38, of Nutley, was charged with Lewdness a Disorderly Persons Offense, processed, printed, advised of his mandatory Court date, and released.