To The Editor: Recently our Board of Commissioners passed a resolution giving our Public Safety employees a 3% wage increase that they feel they deserve.

"Private sector" working middle class homeowners in this town are being property taxed right out of their homes partially because of these public sector wage increases. Township jobs are well-paying positions with excellent benefits.

Nutley homeowners deserve to know what % of our town's budget goes to these salaries, pension payments, and Cadillac healthcare plans. 50%, 70%. More? Less? I personally do not have a Cadillac healthcare plan and I and my fellow over-taxed Nutley homeowners are forced to pay for theirs!  All our town leaders do is eventually give in to giving them anything they want.

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Town salaries have to be capped and reduced to the levels that we property tax paying homeowners can afford.

Our BOE also wants us to vote for a $70.4 million dollar property tax hiking referendum! The actions of our town's public sector leadership makes me think they do not give a damn if Nutley homeowners are being property taxed right out of our homes. We homeowners must come together as a collective voice that our leaders listen to.

Enough is enough!