Compared to a cartoonish image of a cow with a big butt‎, I'm much more offended by Ms. Tingle's baseless smear of the President of the United States as a "sexual predator." I assume because she didn't name him and he's a public figure, it's OK to publish what otherwise would be considered libel. 

Ironically, although what Ms. Tingle wrote is likely offensive to man‎y, it's protected free speech, just as the ice cream shop's sign undoubtedly is. She had no problem using offensive speech to criticize what she views as offensive expression by the ice cream shop. 

I wonder if that even occurred to her? Probably not, because most people who say such things about the current President are convinced that every terrible thing they believe about him is true. 

The writer is referring to this article  Nutley Resident Raises Alarms Over Sexualization of Montclair Business Logo   which was published on Friday.