NUTLEY, NJ - The Nutley Board of Commissioners met for a public meeting, Tuesday evening April 18 for the reading and second public hearing of the 2017 municipal budget. Present were the Mayor and Commissioners Alphonse Petracco, Mauro G. Tucci and Steven L. Rogers. Revenue and Finance Commissioner Thomas J. Evans participated via phone.

The township is once again receiving transitional state aid due to the loss of assessed value of the Hoffman La Roche site closer in the anticipated amount of $4,675,000, which is $825,000 less than last year. The state aid, according to Commissioner Thomas Evans, will not be received until the end of May.

The municipal budget this year is currently $56.4 million, the township needs to raise $44 million. The tax levy is going up 2.91 percent.

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According to Commissioner Evans the average home in Nutley is assessed at $317,057 and the projected increase per a home would be $148.89. Salary and wage increases in public safety, which is almost $385,000 more than last year is part of the increased proposed budget.

“While we requested $5.5 million, we were only able to anticipate 85 percent, or $4.6 million, in the budget as introduced. The final amount is under review and negotiation with the state,” said Evans. “Once the amount of aid is certified by the state, we will be able to adopt our budget,” he added.

Resident Michael Odria was the first to raise concerns about the proposed increase. “Since our budget is going up aren’t property taxes going up? …I notice a lot of homes going up for sale in this town,” he said. Odria directed a plea to Public Affairs Commissioner Steven Rogers that he should use his run for governor to sway the board against voting for a budget that would increase property taxes. Rogers noted the hard work his fellow board members do for the township. “The quality of life in this community is measured up far beyond anyone else in this state,” added Rogers. He also noted the quick response of our first responders at a recent home fire in the township.

“I would like you to leave my gubernatorial race out of this, I don’t have to convince them to do anything but to continue to do the good job they’re doing,” said Rogers. “We are here for working for everyone the people making $180,000 and the people who make $50-$60,000,” added Commissioner Mauro G. Tucci.


Mayor Joseph P. Scarpelli’s following two resolutions were passed by the board. The first was to authorize the Township of Nutley to sign a NJDEP treatment works approval application of a sewer connection to Hackensack Meridian Health/Seton Hall University Medical School, 340 Kingsland Ave., Nutley into the township of Nutley Sanitary Sewer System.  The second was to authorize a raffle license application for the Nutley Elks Lodge for a daily pull tab from Jan. 1, 2017 through Dec. 31, 2017.


The board approved to move Holy Family Church’s request to utilize Yanticaw Park near Park Drive for a community prayer for five consecutive Sundays, from 4 to 6 p.m. April 30 through May 28. Permission has been granted and permits have been waived by County Parks and Recreation Director Daniel Salvante. Nutley Elks Lodge #1290 also submitted a letter requesting permission to hold instant raffles daily from Jan. 1, 2017 through Dec. 31, 2017.

Resident Carmine Alessio brought to the attention his concerns about a health hazard at a property on East Centre Street he would like addressed.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 2.