NUTLEY, NJ - Two teenagers will appear in court to face charges of hindering apprehension and defiant trespass after climbing the fence to swim in the Cambridge Heights pool. 

The pool at Cambridge Heights is surrounded by a locked fence. Nutley police received a report of people swimming in the pool. Upon arrival, police discovered Rebecca Russo, 19, of Toms River and Jacqueline Jansen, 19, of Nutley hiding behind a tree. They were wet at the time of discovery.

Both women stated that they were not residents of the complex. They also said that they had climbed the fence and went swimming in the pool. Initially, they gave incorrect information about their identities, suggesting that they were juveniles.

Both were arrested and charged with hindering apprehension, a disorderly person’s offense and defiant trespass, a petty disorderly person’s offense. They were released after being advised of their court date.