To start, I want to say that I sincerely hope that you and yours are healthy at home. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all of you.

By now, everyone should have received their Vote by Mail ballots. The time has come for the residents of Nutley to have their voice heard. Your
next move will impact the future of Nutley. Are you up for the challenge?

Each day, decisions are made within our local government. Who do you want representing you and making those decisions? How do you envision the future of Nutley? Who will lead you through this current crisis? Who do you believe can truly take Nutley to the next level?

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You may have heard many messages from the candidates. If you have not had the opportunity, please take some time to research your candidates. Look at their social media, read their candidate statements in TAPinto Nutley, see what they are doing or have done within the community. Reach out to your friends and neighbors and discuss each candidate, make your decision based on the facts.

We need you to not only believe the message that is being sent, but we need you to believe in the messenger prior to casting your vote. Decide based on whom you believe will echo your voices and your concerns and help build a stronger, healthier, more inclusive future for Nutley.

I encourage you to complete and return your ballot ASAP. I hope you would consider me, Maria Hamlin (3A) for one of your 5 votes.

For more information about my vision for Nutley, please visit my website and follow me on instagram and facebook .

Maria Hamlin
Integrity, Leadership, Transparency, Accountability

Hamlin 2020 Vision:
One Team, One Theme, NUTLEY!