One of the most important responsibilities of the Board of Education is setting policy. From the mission statement to the individual goals, these policies are the foundation upon which every other decision should be made. As the Nutley School District is set to begin a new five-year strategic plan, now is the time to make sure that voters elect a candidate to the Board with a background in education and who understands the importance of setting specific, measurable goals for achieving success. That candidate is me, Karen O’Malley.

Our new plan must build on the work done to date by our dedicated teachers and go further by naming just exactly how we intend to get better in the next five years. Without specific, measurable goals real improvement is just a wish that is someone else’s responsibility.  Clear focus on stated goals from the Board of Education will yield results we can all be proud of.

Far too often goals are vague because the alternative creates a level of accountability that some are uncomfortable with. I am comfortable with accountability. As a Nutley Board of Education Trustee, I will work with other Board members, the Administration, parents, teachers and all community stakeholders to create a new strategic plan with a clear mission and goals that name the outcomes that we want, outcomes that take into account the world our children will face after graduation. I challenge all of us to work together for the success of our school district.  

Karen O'Malley can be reached @ or on Facebook karennutleyboard.