To the Editor:

I wanted to share this letter from Laurie Beacham, Media Director for NJ 11th for Change, about the notable increase in voter turnout and citizens deciding to run in the recent primary election:

"The 11th Congressional District has a lot to be proud of. In the June 5th primaries, voter turnout climbed from almost 33,000 in 2014 to over 86,000. Democratic turnout increased about five times, while Republican turnout was up by more than half. While we would love to see voter turnout get even higher, the jump is spectacular. It means people are increasingly paying attention, they care, and they want to have a say in their representation. For us at NJ 11th for Change, that is key to our mission: We believe when the electorate is informed and engaged, they make decisions in the best interest of themselves and fellow constituents.

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Leading up to the the primaries, NJ 11th for Change knocked on over 3500 doors, wrote more than 19,000 postcards, and made 11,000 phone calls. People we met talked about the candidates and what they stand for. About the issues that matter to them -- like healthcare, taxes, abortion rights and racial equality. And about how we MUST do something to change the representation in our district and nationally as well.

Dozens of our members even ran on the ballot for offices ranging from Mayor to Town Council, county Clerk to Freeholder to County Committee Representative. People from all over the 11th have decided to sacrifice time with their families and from their careers to serve in their local governments. They recognize on a personal level how the life-blood of our democracy is public service and are stepping up to participate.

With the midterm elections now ahead of us in November, NJ 11th for Change will knock on  more doors, dial more numbers, and write more people. Our members will continue their quest for political office. while we will always remain independent of any political party or candidate, we have changed our status from a Super PAC to a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization so that we can more seamlessly educate and grow our base of engaged, informed voters primed to elect a candidate who will represent our interests with transparency, responsiveness and accountability.

If you haven't already, please check us out at"

Laurie Beacham is Media Director for NJ 11th for Change.