NUTLEY, NJ - Unlocked vehicles are an easy target for thieves in Nutley. The Nutley police department has reported several incidents involving theft from unlocked vehicles, in some cases on the same day, on the same street. 

Police report two incidnets on Kenzel Avenue on July 23, In the first incident, a victim reported that they received an alert on their phone indicating that a door handle was lifted. Upon arrival, Nutley police discovered that items were missing from the vehicle. While investigating that incident, police came upon a second vehicle on the same street with the front passenger door ajar, the glove box and console were open. The vehicles in both situations showed no signs of interior or exterior damage. . 

On the same day, Nutley police report that three vehicles Hazel street had been burglarized. Two of the vehicle were parked in one driveway.In the other incident on the same street, the drivers side visor was down, the sunglass hodler was found open. Nutley detectives processed the vehicle for fingerprints. 

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On the same day, an unlocked vehcile on Linden Place was found to have been rummaged through. Police were not able to process that vehicle as the owners had moved the vehicle and entered the vehcile multiple time, disturbing any evidence left by the thieves. 

Two unlocked vehicles were stolen from a Satterthwaite Avenue residence on July 27. One of hte stolen vehicles had the keys within the vehicle. A MacBook Pro multiple credit cards, and NJ driver’s license were in one of the vehicles. Nutley police advised the residents to change the locks on their home as the house keys were with the car keys. 

On July 29, a Chestnut Street resident reported that their unlocked car was entered and items were taken from various compartments.