NUTLEY, NJ - Nutley High School Class of 2018 president Noah Roselli's term in office came to a close Tuesday night as he celebrated his classmates, their parents, and the members of the district who all played a role in preparing the students before entering the next phase of their lives. 

Roselli is no stranger to speaking before crowds. Over the course of his term in office he has addressed classmates, elected officials and the Board of Education, often sharing personal experiences to tell the story of his classmates including underclassman. 

TAPinto Nutley obtained Roselli's address to the Nutley High School Class of 2018: 

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          "Good evening classmates, family, faculty, and Board members. My name is Noah Roselli. I want to begin with a generous thank you to the Superintendent, Dr. Glazer; Principal Williams; Vice Principals Materia and Devore; and our Class Advisors, Ms. Dono and Mr. Sollazzo. I am humbled to stand before you today as a voice for this wonderful class I have come to know over the past six years. The Class of 2018 is something truly special to me, and I think I speak on behalf of every student, teacher, and other faculty when I say that this specialty is inspiring and riveting.

          I have been the class president since my freshman year. Just the thought of reviving that title of “freshman” in September makes me nervous because I remember how terrified I was walking in the doors of Nutley High School for the first time. Back then, I had a cousin who was a sophomore and my older sister was a junior, so I knew they would say hello in the hallway, but still, I woke up with a 102 fever the first day. Looking at seniors made me even more terrified, they were these mighty 8-foot giants who could step on me with their foot. The senior class president was this sort of vicious viper-like creature in my head. I wonder, now, if people look at me that way. I think I could sum up high school in one story: freshman Joey D’Alessio eating an orange like an apple for $2 given by the seniors in student council. You may be asking: “But what about the sophomores and juniors?” Exactly. What about them?

          In all seriousness, now, I, of course, want to thank my parents, my sisters, and all of my closest friends for supporting me as they did the past four years. If not for my family’s unending love and my friends unwavering support, I would not be up here. Students: I want all of you to say thank you to someone other than your parents. To a teacher that impacted you in some positive way. To a staff member that made coming to school a more enjoyable experience. To the sophomore who sat behind you in that one class that made your day. So, more specifically, I want to thank Mrs. Rainone for allowing me to grow into the person I am; if I am a plant, then she is the farmer, pruning me and watering me, but allowing me to flourish. Thank you for all of your smiles, laughter, and even tears, throughout the past two years.

          Here’s the truth, and I can’t figure out if it’s a tragic flaw or an incredible fact: we, as humans, are always changing, just as quickly as the world around us. Our favorite songs, artists, our personalities; our friends and appearances are changing. This, this graduation, is just another change. A small change. But another one. These were not our golden days. And that took time for me to comprehend, because they were the best I’ve known yet. But they FELT golden. A flower that already bloomed still has ample room to grow. So, obviously this is not the end of our journey, but it is scary to think that this section of our lives is ending; these were our bronze days, we don’t know how much gold is out there. My older sister just returned from two trips: one to Ireland, where she was alone for six weeks; and one to Peru, where she helped teach little kids English. There is an entire world out there waiting for us, and Sarah helped me to notice that.

          Here’s the word of the day: sonder. A noun. It’s definition: “The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.” The circle of people that we know is suddenly going to expand infinitely. There will be new people out there to meet, places to see, things to try, things to learn. There is so much that will grow within us; we will become greater than we are right now. Nutley High School was merely the catalyst for this growth. A great metaphor to describe this class is through sequoia trees. The sequoias are among the tallest in the world. They can grow more than 250 feet. How? Well, you never see a sequoia tree alone. They always come in clusters, in groups; their roots do not dig down, they dig wide. That is just like us. I will be honest, I do not know all of you. But I wish I knew everything about you. We all may not know each other deeply, but we know each other enough. We have made ourselves a forest of sequoia trees and nothing can make us fall. We knew coming into this school that our time here would end, and now that it is, we must rejoice; we can be fearful, but above all else, we must be excited! Because we will continue to grow together, and we will feel every other person flourish with unending pride. We will feel profound happiness at everyone’s achievements, and we will feel a deep sadness at all of their fails. But I hope we all flourish and that we all fail; I hope we all learn, but I hope we never forget each other. I know I will never be able to.

          I wish the best for everyone here: student, faculty, and parents. To the parents: you’ve raised incredible children that I am happy to know; to the teachers: because of you, we found our direction; to the students: we made it. Even when decathlon got canceled, even when block scheduling came in, even when everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, we made it.

          Here’s to the Class of 2018. Thank you!"

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