My name is Erica Zarro, and I am honored to introduce myself as a Nutley Board of Education (BOE) Candidate. I am single mother of a 6-year-old son who attends Lincoln Elementary School. I am employed as an office supervisor for a local physical therapy company and also serve as the regional director of philanthropic and charitable affairs for the company. I recently moved back to Nutley from Belleville for the primary purpose of procuring a quality education in a safe environment for my son. Unfortunately, events in the past year called into question the adequacy of school safety and security measures in Nutley. The very serious concerns that were raised about our security vulnerabilities, as well as the district’s substandard academic standing, motivated me to seek a position on the BOE. Given that my son still has more than eleven years of school in the district ahead of him, I have a vested interest in the quality of education, and the provision of a safe and secure learning environment for Nutley’s student body. My personal investment in the success of the district and my conviction that the district has yet to achieve its full academic potential make me particularly suited for the role of BOE representative. I have no political motives or aspirations, I am simply “one of you.” I am a concerned resident, and, above all, a mother who is determined to provide my son that which I sought in deciding to return to Nutley — a top-notch education in a safe and secure environment! Nutley is a wonderful town, filled with incredible people who care about their community. I believe you deserve the very best educational opportunities the district can offer your children and grandchildren while keeping them safe, and I will passionately work to accomplish this should you honor me with the chance to do so.