On April 11th members of the New Jersey Base North of United States Submarine Veterans marked the 118 Birthday of The United States Submarine Force with their annual visit to the grave of the inventor of the modern submarine - John Holland. We conducted a brief tolling of the bells for our lost submarines with a prayer service at his grave at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Totowa NJ.

As the lay Chaplain, I read the prayer and our Commander, Les Altschuler, provides a background on Holland along with announcing the lost boats. The ceremony is conducted annually on April 11th.

This was the date that the US Navy purchased the Holland VI in 1900, and marks the beginning of the US Submarine Force. The Holland VI is on display at the Paterson Museum. This is a much worth while museum to visit and see the submarine exhibit & mural. And afterwards, in true SubVet comradeship, we gathered at a nearby Dunkin Donut shop for coffee and the infamous sea story exchange!

Bill Reilly, IC3(SS)
Chaplain, USSVI New Jersey Base North