Carmen LoRe has built his empire of LoRe Sweeping, over the last 40 years in Nutley, NJ. which includes a fleet of 20 trucks. Carmen is a formatible man of 71, when he comes into the room you see a strong very determined man until you realize that he must carry oxygen around with him to help him breathe!

In his 30’s Carmen was diagnosed with a heart issue, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick, but it was manageable through medication. Over the years, Carmen while building his business, and raising his family with his wife Maryann, was determined that nothing was stopping him. But in 2004, Carmen started having shortness of breath, the doctors did not think it was his heart, they did all the necessary testing, but they felt that he should go see a lung specialist. The Pulmonologist diagnosed him with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a lung disease that occurs when lung tissue becomes damaged and scarred, as it worsens it becomes progressively more difficult to breathe, but this was then maintained by medications.

Carmen was the consummate athlete, he was a wrestler and football player at Nutley High School, he went on to Minot State University in North Dakota and was also a wrestler and football player, and he was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame. When he came back to Nutley he started his business, but also found time to be a coach for the wrestling team at the Nutley Parks and Rec Center. Carmen was able to turn his love of wrestling into a second career to become a much-loved wrestling coach for Nutley High School, for about 10-11 years. As he got older he took up softball which he did for years, then became an avid bowler and in his later years he took up golf! He loved sports in any fashion, and as his health was failing him, he grew frustrated by not being able to do the things that he loved.

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In 2009, the doctors felt that his heart needed relief and they decided to put in a pacemaker, the pacemaker helped regulate his heartbeat and in 2012 they did what was called a heart ablation - a procedure used to destroy scarred tissue or the thickness in your heart that is allowing incorrect electrical signals to cause abnormal heart rhythm. As frustrating as all this was, Carmen was determined not to slow down, for the next 5 years everything seemed to be going fine.

While semi-retired, he and Maryann, became snowbirds and in the winter months would go to Florida, only coming home for the holidays! In 2017, when Carmen and Maryann were visiting family for Christmas, Carmen began to have seizures, it was determined that the pacemaker was malfunctioning and it was shocking his heart - so they needed to replace it. But Carmen was not feeling any better even with the new pacemaker. Maryann started after him to get his lungs checked out, and that is when it was determined that it was time, in August 2018, he was told needed a Right Lung Transplant. After Pre-testing, he was listed in October on a Nation list through Temple University.

Carmen is a very vibrant 71-year-old, who had been married to the love of his life, Maryann for 39 years. They are joined in their journey for a new lung with their loving children Marisa, and Alisha, and has 9 beautiful grandchildren! He is semi-retired and his daughter Marisa and her husband run the business now.


Maureen Jaret is a woman who has had to navigate nearly the entire world of Organ Donation, first with her daughter Megan receiving a Heart Transplant in 1991, only to have her pass away from an infection six weeks later. Then in 2011, she became a Living Donor, donating a kidney for a friend. Finally, in February 2018, losing the love of her life, her husband Keith of 30 years, to not receiving a new Liver in time.

 Now that she must venture in this world without him, She is on a quest, to educate for the need and understanding of Organ Donation, and  will not stop until she takes her last breath.