“ The End of the American Century”

The above title has been listed with a number of journals and other perspectives.  This one above comes from The Atlantic! What was called the American Century really only lasted a little more than 50 years and followed World War II, and our “Best Generation!” In my case, it was my parents or your grandparents. There indeed was a creative burst that included a Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe, the United Nations, the Atlantic alliance known as NATO, containment of the Russians in Eastern Europe, our highs and lows, which now seem burdensome.

As the Atlantic and others report, the thing that brings doom to great powers is “either hubris, or decadence and squander, inattention, loss of faith!”  I am not happy in noting these facts, whether bowered from journals, magazines, newspapers or even from thoughts of my own.  From a personal point, my father served in a great Navy in World War II, but today that Navy struggles to reach 355 ships, which is less than India. Our sailors barely cover the recruitment for those ships!

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The American Century  had its high point after the Cuban missile crisis or in the end of the wars in the former Yugoslavia of the 1990s!  I think we grew indifferent after the Kennedy assassination  and the process increased  with too many wars. 

One thing that had changed is our lack of ability to listen to each other and a politics that has left us alienated to some degree.  My sister, a Trump fan, also that notes that we no longer listen to each other.   American Optimism changed the world, while American Pessimism can destroy the world.  Is this an Elegy for the American Century.  I hope not!

Bill Weightman, Hardyston