Why not consider adoption when seeking a pet? I’ve always been surprised by how many people don’t see local shelters as an option, as I knew that there were many dogs in shelters who need a home, and breeders don't always treat their dogs humanely. When I question my friends, these are the most common reasons as to why they didn't adopt: “We really wanted a specific breed” or “Adopted dogs can be dangerous around kids” or, most commonly, “We needed something hypoallergenic.” That was when I realized the problem was education.

Most people don't realize they can get everything they want in an adopted pet. When it came time for me to choose a topic for my Girl Scout Gold Award project, I knew pet adoption would be perfect. To further educate the public on adoption, I created a website called “Adoption Option" highlighting the misconceptions that are associated with rescuing a dog. On the site, I hope to show people that they can adopt dogs of any breed, age, size, color, you name it — you don’t have to feel like you're “settling.” In addition to the site, I have visited classrooms and pet adoption events educating people on adoption.

This entire project was inspired by my own dog, Lilah. We rescued her eight years ago, and now my family can’t imagine life without her. She is cute and has the kindest disposition, and is very popular when we take her on walks downtown. All my friends love her too, even though she’s not a specific breed. She really is a great dog and an important member of our family.

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