To the Editor, 

 I wanted to share my perspective as a 10 year tax paying resident of Nutley in regard to the revised Referendum. 

When we moved here 10 years ago, before we had children, I remember how proud long time residents were of the school system. Even though, at the time, it wasn’t exactly on our radar,  I felt at ease knowing we were in a town that prided itself on their municipal government and school system.

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As we had our children and started looking at our ratings year to year, we were seeing a lot of changes in the negative. Our home school is Yantacaw and it is one of the most overcrowded schools in our district.  Learning that 5th grade students were being compromised in standard programs because of “limited space” was inexcusable.

With no known solution in sight, we chose to send our children to private school in Montclair. We continue to love our town and want to see it’s success, because as a homeowner too we want our home values to soar, and our community to thrive. Otherwise, why live here?

Our taxes are high enough as it is, we need our schools to remain competitive and breed a positive learning environment for our children.

My vote is YES to Proposal 1 and 2. There is no other way, no other feasible solution to continue on like this. Support the Referendum as people of our community whether you have children attending school or not. It benefits us all.

Thank you,

Dina Ferluge