Dear Editor,
There are many important choices on our November 3rd ballot this year. One choice is whether to legalize marijuana or not in New Jersey. Our Governor and many elected representatives in Trenton have been supportive of legalization from day one and after many failed attempts to impose this on our State the voters have the ability to have our voices heard on this issue. 
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At a time when a deadly respiratory virus, COVID- 19, is running through our society, is it responsible to approve of a substance that is predominantly smoked which could compromise a person's lungs and pulmonary system? The American Lung Association has issued statements on this issue. Smoke of any kind, including marijuana, can irritate lungs and an entire respiratory system making it more difficult to fight COVID -19. Many people are already taking medications for high blood pressure, anxiety, and other ailments and are not aware that marijuana use may interact with these medications leading to an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. 

I ask your readers to conduct a simple Google search of horrific car crashes where marijuana was in a driver's system which resulted in an innocent life being taken. Our first responders and emergency rooms are already dealing with COVID-19 and do not need more problems associated with marijuana legalization. Legalization will have a negative impact on all communities across our State- whether you live in a city or suburban town.

Our young people, even those in their 20's, do not need a new legal substance to distract and challenge them during this time. I ask your readers to join me in making the responsible choice and vote NO on marijuana legalization this November 3rd.