Dear Dr. Glazer and members of the Nutley community, past and present,

We are a coalition of Nutley High School alumni/ae writing in response to the recent news that Nutley High School freshmen broadcast a SnapChat video featuring racist language and sentiments. We are dismayed to have learned of this event, but we are hopeful that the school system and community more broadly will work to improve awareness and education within our school system about both systematic and systemic racism.

Thus, to address the ramifications of this video, we submit a request that concrete steps be taken to mitigate the presence of overt and implicit racism in our public school system. We acknowledge the statement of Superintendent, Dr. Julie Glazer, that she hopes to use this incident as an opportunity "to highlight cultural responsiveness and sensitivity within our district, curriculum and community.” However, we request that specific plans to address this incident, such as a school assembly or, preferably, a series of assemblies dedicated to educating Nutley students on cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, and other forms of diversity, will be revealed to the community alongside plans for preventing similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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We hope that any such action is predicated on prioritizing the needs of students of color who were affected by this incident. In a story so focused on the reprehensible actions of some students, it is possible to lose sight of those who were harmed. As such, we strongly support any action that will give a voice to those students of color.

We respectfully submit this letter with the intention that future Nutley High School alumni/ae will be better equipped to pursue their academic and/or career endeavors in increasingly diverse and interconnected local, national, and global communities.

1. Kathryn Montalbano, 2005, Assistant Professor, Georgia
2. Devin Toohey, 2005, Private Tutor and Business Owner, California
3. Mandy Stoyack, 2005, Exec. Assistant, New Jersey
4. April (Frazza) Lehman, 2005, 7th grade Language Arts Teacher, New Jersey
5. Dave Mairella, 2005, HR, New Jersey
6. Danielle Paterno, 2005, Research Consultant, Virginia
7. Alexandria M. Cooper, 2006, Rutgers-RWJ medical student, New Jersey
8. Ryohei Okabe, 2005, Principal Product Manager (Marketing Tech)
9. Gina Rodriguez, 2006, Writer, Massachusetts
10. Tiffany (Wang) Khang, 2006, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Missouri
11. Richard Frani, Engineer, Pennsylvania 

12. Madeline Cuffari, 2006, reading specialist, New Jersey
13. Jasmina Dizdarevic, 2006, Project Manager
14. Maureen Russo Rodríguez, 2002, Associate Professor, Texas
15. Jenna Bucci, 2005, teacher, New Jersey
16. David Walsh, 2003, Data Scientist, Virginia
17. Dawn (Ennis) Falzone, 2004, Insurance Broker, New Jersey
18. Joyce Lin, Local Business Owner, New Jersey
19. David T. Lardier Jr., 2005, Assistant Professor, New Mexico
20. Emily Cibelli, 2005, Data Analyst, Illinois
21. Laura (Lobay) Frey, 2002, Early Childhood Inclusion Specialist, New Jersey
22. Rob Roncaglio, Project Manager, New Jersey
23. Ryan Nealy, Screenwriter, 2002, California
24. Carly (Roncaglio) Marotta, 2002, Commercial Compliance, New Jersey
25. Jessica (Burns) Burton, 2002, High School English Teacher, New Jersey
26. Ryan Albanese, 2005, Hotelier, Texas
27. Stephanie Smallstey, 2005, High School Mathematics Teacher, New Jersey
28. Katie (Appel) Scandalios, 1988, realtor, New Jersey
29. Aimée La Fountain, 2005, writer and communications strategist, New Jersey
30. Lily Norton, 2006, Book Editor, Washington, D.C.
31. Nicole Moseson, 2006, Chiropractor, New Jersey
32. Jason Lombardi, Wildlife Research Fellow, Texas
33. Michelle (De Amorin) Myers, 2005, LCSW, Delaware
34. Lynn Montanez, 2004, district manager, New Jersey
35. Christine Liu, 2009, Data Engineer, New York
36. Andrew Wong, 2007, New Jersey
37. Erin (Doyle) Theodorou, 2004, school counselor / LPC, New Jersey
38. Sarah Apicella, 2007, New Jersey
39. Corey Smith, 2005, Apple Trainer, New York
40. Lindsey Sardinsky, 2001, Ultrasound Tech, New Jersey
41. Protim Choudhury, 2007, Product Manager, New Jersey
42. Meghan Collins Limberg, 2000, Director of Sales - DoubleTree, New York
43. Jason Sendros-Keshka, 2007
44. Bill Harbison, 2001, Construction Executive, California
45. Christine Buenafe Millet, 2005, Investor Relations, New York
46. Dana Majana, 2009, Artist and Professor, New Jersey
47. Carly Lovejoy, 2005, Teacher, New Jersey
48. Drew Melendez, 2010, university staff member, Massachusetts
49. Joe Corrao, Network Engineer, 2007, New Jersey
50. Alexis Marando, 2009, Executive Administrative & Marketing Assistant, New Jersey
51. Antony Raimondo, 2002
52. Adrienne Francais, 2008, Pharmacy Technician, New Jersey
53. Philip Charles Spires, 2005, Administration, New Jersey
54. Lauren Mairella, 2008, development operations, DC

55. Patricia (DeCandia) Amato, 2005, Firm Administrator & HR Manager, New Jersey
56. Karen Bonanno, 1977, Account Executive, New Jersey
57. Melanie Frazza, 2001, Content Director, NY
58. Leanne (Haynes) Bifano, 2005, New Jersey
59. Karlene Chi, 2009, Internship Coordinator, New Jersey
60. Jennifer Wilson, 2008, Theatre Arts Instructor, New Jersey
61. Danielle Spera, 2014
62. Gianna Joyce, 2019
63. Andrew Suba, 2007, Life & Business Coach, California
64. Paige, 2011, Dance Teacher, New Jersey
65. Alexa Majana, 2015, Music Teacher, New Jersey
66. Antonio Sanzone, 2009 Lab Tech and Pianist
67. Christian Carrara, Songwriter, California
68. Danielle (Wojcik) Scott, 2005, New Jersey
69. Jennifer Iaco, 2006, preschool (daycare) owner & director / Aftercare Coordinator K-4,
New Jersey
70. Ashley Naporano, HE Manager, New Jersey
71. Michele Martino, 2005, Dementia Care Manager, New Jersey
72. Robert Benaquista, 2002, Musician, New Jersey
73. Mahum Noor Shah, 2008, Staff Accountant, New Jersey
74. Marisa Sottos, 2009, Adjunct Professor Of Art and Photography, New Jersey
75. Patrice (Cucuzza) Silagi, 2005, Teacher of English, New Jersey
76. Alina Demetria, 2006, Speech-Language Pathologist, Texas
77. Anaum Shah, 2006, Cytogeneticist, New Jersey
78. Mackenzie Moraski, 2019
79. Nicole (Kropp) Almeida, 2002
80. Kyung Park Lee, 1999, New Jersey
81. Gabriel Kraus, 2007, Quality Engineer, New Jersey
82. Ainsley Kurman, 2008, Senior Manager of Client Services, New Jersey
83. Oscar Suh-Rodriguez, 2008
84. Alexandra Mateescu, 2007, Researcher, New York
85. Jessica (Chesney) Greiss, 2005, TCRWP Staff Developer, New Jersey
86. Kim Lovejoy, 2008, music teacher, New Jersey
87. Patrick Scioscia, 2007, IT, New Jersey
88. Larissa Lovejoy, 2003, Senior Business Analyst/Product Trainer, New Jersey
89. Britney (Gennarelli) Panico, 2005, Accounting Manager, New Jersey
90. Laraib Shah, 2007, Senior Analyst, New Jersey
91. Sharon Kim, 2006, Senior Program Manager, New York
92. Vanpat Pensuwan, 2006, Physician, Massachusetts
93. Vianey Betancourt, 2008, Development Services Manager, New Jersey
94. Salem Frobose, 2017, student, Massachusetts
95. Kevin Griesbach, 2005, Registered Nurse, New Jersey
96. Jessica Cooney, 2008, Support Specialist, Florida

97. Ronald Domantay, 2009, Visual Merchandiser, New York
98, Joanna Sibilia, 2007, Software Support Specialist, New Jersey
99. Megan (Jeffers) Narciso, Clinical Social Worker, New Jersey
100. John Marchese, 2008, Billing Representative, Florida
101. Nicholas Principe, 2005, Actuary, New Jersey
102. Michelle Wlosek, 2006, PE teacher/college softball coach, Massachusetts
103. Ash Russell, Rhode Island
104. Sean Ulley, 2009, Teacher, California
105. Minji Kwon, 2008, Marketing Designer, New York
106. Erica Lockard, 2008, Program manager, Washington
107. Nicole De Amorin, 2008, Graphic Designer, New Jersey
108. Jillian Donatiello, 2008, Teacher, New Jersey
109. Kayla Walker, 2015, Care Coordinator, New Jersey
110. Bobby Serrani, 2011, University Staff Member, New Jersey
111. Jill Costa, 2009, Social Media Manager, New Jersey
112. Daniel Andriola, 2008, New Jersey
113. Ariana Lombardi, 2008, Artist/Graduate Student, Taipei, Taiwan
114. Leanne Lujan, 2000, Makeup Artist/Esthetician, New Jersey
115. Mariela Mitre, 2006, Physician, New Jersey
116. Brittany Fisektsis, 2013, Marketing Assistant, New Jersey
117. Rosemarie Linfante, 2009, Account Executive, New Jersey
118. Christine Boyko, 2008, HR, New Jersey
119. Peter Jones, 2010
120. Mullica Zudsiri, 2008, New York
121. Phil Edwards, 2008
122. Diane Aragona, 2007, Music Teacher, New Jersey
123. George Blazeski, 2005, Intellectual Property Attorney, Massachusetts
124. Peter Pensuwan, 2009, Management Consultant, New Jersey
125. Melissa Coppola, 2005, U-M Doctoral Candidate, Michigan
126. Seimi Rurup, Editor, New York, NY
127. Heather (Greiss) Macken, 2003, cake business-landscaping
128. Tamaru Geller, 2009, Musician/Music teacher/Yoga instructor, New Jersey
129. Mel Glovin, 2009, Musician/Dog Care Professional
130. Kyle Fader
131. Samantha Rossi, 2008, Police Officer, New Jersey
132. Charles Graffeo, 2010, Operational Water Construction Supervisor, New Jersey
133. Alexandra Ludwig, 2006, Virginia
134. Deann Harrity, 2008, Purchasing Coordinator, New Jersey
135. Joseph Riccardelli, 2010, Finance and Operations Manager, New Jersey
136. Jorge Alfonso 2006, eCommerce Director - Walmart Inc., New Jersey
137. Rev. Jack Cuffari, 1973, Minister, Teacher, Spiritual Director, New Jersey
138. Daniel martin, 2013, quality assurance/lab technician
139. Tim Larigan, 2010, Environmental Scientist

140. Flora Kwong, 2005, Experience Design Lead, New York, NY
141. Rev. Judith Sarkozy Brandt, 1976, pastor, Texas
142. Gianna Santelli, 2008, Fundraising Professional, New York, NY
143. Henry H. Zhang, 2007, Litigation Paralegal, New York
144. Paige (Wisener) Bellucci, 2006, Goats of Anarchy Animal Caretaker, New Jersey
145. Alayna DeFuria, 2015, Social Studies Teacher, New Jersey
146. Amanda Llano, 2015, Sales Audit Analyst, New Jersey
147. Daniel A. Ortiz, 2015, Video Editor, New Jersey
148. Joe Mattia, 2015, Assistant Project Manager, New Jersey
149. Ariel Bueno, 2015, Pet Sitter, New Jersey
150. Anthony Alonso, 2016, Project Assistant, New Jersey

In addition to these 150 signatures the form that may display additional, new signatures can be viewed here: On the SnapChat video of January 2020 featuring Nutley High School students