Nobody, including Trump’s most ardent supporters, would really care if Trump ever built his stupid wall or not. His base supports him for reasons that are not necessarily policy concerns, but rather out of an irrational sycophantic allegiance to an individual whom they consider to be some anointed deity. So, who is really to blame for this reckless shutdown and why is it happening at all? I see it as four people who have managed to use our country and government workers as hostages; Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Trump and last but not least, Mitch McConnell. Most of the blame however rests with two Republicans and two only; the president and McConnell. The Senate Republicans already passed the same exact bill that was just passed in the House by the Democrats but because Coulter and Limbaugh protested that it doesn’t contain over five billion dollars for a useless wall, now McConnell won’t even bring it to the floor for a vote.

This complete and utter insanity has already caused immeasurable damage to our country as a whole and to hard working Americans with no money coming in; all for the sake of seeking to give the president unfettered power in order to get some kind of a win.

Since his inauguration, Trump has sounded more like an autocrat than a democratic President with his rhetoric and allegiances to world despots, and now how he seems to have ratcheted it up by attempting to enact his policies by fiat the way autocrats do, not by way of a democratic president. That is what any phony “declaration of an emergency” is. By virtue of the meaning of the word, this is not an emergency. How much of an emergency can it be if the solution to the so-called emergency will take a decade to complete not withstanding all the inevitable court battles over eminent domain when the government goes to take private citizen’s land away? Trump is attempting to bypass our laws, trounce on individuals’ property rights and override separation of powers in order to implement some campaign pipe dream, that Mexico was supposed to pay for by the way, while McConnell is shamefully standing by and watching.

Sneaky Mitch McConnell needs to come put from hiding, do his job and let the Senate vote to pass this House bill. Then let Trump veto it if he wants and let the chips fall where they may. Time’s up on this one.