So without any sarcasm and with sincerity, I ask those who felt the need to vote no on the referendum, how do we move Nutley forward? It is my feeling that we need to all talk to each other and really understand what is happening and what is needed. Facts are that there are trailors at a couple of schools. PE classes are being held in hallways at NHS. Special needs classrooms keep our children in district instead of being sent to out of district placements. The middle school is a junior high school and the plan to move the 6th grade there has been talked about for over 15 years.

Yes, there are apartments being built, however, I believe as each of us who have three and four bedroom homes retire and sell them to younger families, more children will come to the schools from that natural phenomenon.

The schools are not the only thing keeping our taxes high. We live a high tax county and state with all that that brings. As I said before the vote, the school budget is only budget we get to vote on. We have no direct control over the town, county, state or federal budget. Whatever the reason for your vote, we need to come to an understanding of how we move forward...sincerely and calmly. The issues will not go away unless we address them openly and honestly.

Editor's note: This statement was originally posted on  Fleitell's Facebook page