Anyone who has information regarding any crimes can send a (non-emergent) Tip Anonymously by texting CRIMES starting message with NPDTIP or log into and search Nutley

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If a call is received from someone claiming that there are warrants out for your arrest, and they supply you with your name, address, and last four (4) of your social, DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR ENTIRE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. THIS IS A SCAM

Police have received a number of complaints regarding phone fraud involving PSEG. Police Chief Strumolo urges residents to contact PSEG directly if anyone representing to be from there are seeking payment.

If you sell any item/s on the internet, DO NOT accept a check for more than the item of that check to another location.  The checks are fraudulent and you WILL lose money from your account.

PRESS RELEASE NOTE: Fraud investigations are lengthy in an effort to allow readers to understand how the fraud takes place.


Field Interview – Washington Avenue – Officers conducted a field interview with a party that resulted in the arrest of Derrick A. Higgins, 60, Irvington, for an outstanding warrant out of New Brunswick he was transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was found with a white powder suspected to be heroin.  Mr. Higgins was charged with Possession of CDS processed, and provided a copy of the complaint summons.  New Brunswick PD was notified and sent two Officers to Nutley Headquarters to take custody of Mr. Higgins. 


Criminal Mischief – Prospect Street – Officers responded to the area in reference to a report of criminal mischief.  The victim stated that unknown actor/s broke off the windshield wiper as well as the wiper motor to their vehicle.  The cost to repair the vehicle was $350.00.  The victim was advised of their right to sign a complaint against the actor/s should they be identified.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Passaic Avenue - A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of Vinny Damato, 38, Belleville, who was transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was issued the following summonses:  Operating Under the Influence, Disregard Stop Sign, Failure to Signal, Failure to Possess Driver’s License or Registration, Traffic on Marked Lanes, and Careless Driving: Likely to Endanger Person or Property, advised of his Court date and released. 


Motor Vehicle Theft – Grant Avenue – Response was made to the area regarding a report of a stolen motor vehicle.  The victim stated they started their vehicle to warm it up, taking the key fob with them, and when they returned to the vehicle it was gone.  The vehicle had both license plates on the vehicle, no tinted windows, no bumper stickers or any other distinguishing features.  Dispatch entered the car as stolen in the system and relayed the information to the surrounding jurisdictions, New Jersey State Police Auto Task force assisted police and located vehicle in Watchung NJ where they placed two individuals under arrest for possession of stolen property. Police are still investigating if this duo were the parties that stole the vehicle from Nutley. 

Fraud – The victim of fraud responded to Headquarters to file a Police report.  It was stated that a representative from Amazon (no name or phone number given) advised the victim of a fraudulent charge of $121.99.  The representative stated they needed to gain access to the victim’s computer in order to resolve the issue.  The victim gave the caller access to their computer, along with the last four (4) digits of the credit card number and their date of birth.  After a few moments, the victim believed the call to be a scam and disconnected from the caller, but noticed they still had access to the computer.  The victim was able to disconnect the caller from the computer.  Amazon was contacted and stated nothing had been charged to the victim’s account.  The victim contacted their financial institution to advise them of the incident. 

Nutley Police Chief Thomas Strumolo and Director Alphonse Petracco sent a Township Alert to residents advising of this scam.

Dispute – River Road – Two (2) parties engaged in a verbal dispute regarding their dogs while in the dog run on premises.  Both dogs were not properly licensed with the Township and they were issued Township Ordinance summonses for Unlicensed Dog.  Nothing further.


Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding fraud.  The victim stated they found two (2) transactions on their debit card that they did not authorize.  A charge from Stop and Shop in Brooklyn, NY for $1,994.00 and an ATM withdrawal, also out of Brooklyn, NY, for $750.00. The financial institution was notified, the account was closed, and a new debit card issued.  The bank will be investigating the incidents through their Fraud Department. 


Fraud -  Officers responded to the area regarding a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they gathered packages from their porch and noticed a package from a company they did not order.  The packing slip noted that the victim was billed for the item, but was to be shipped to another party at their same address.  The package contained on shirt with a value of $340.00.  The package was returned to the company and they were notified that it was not ordered by the victim.  Due to this delivery, the victim began to check their credit card statements.  Two fraudulent charges were found on their MasterCard account totaling approximately $200.00.  The credit card company was contacted and the account has been cancelled.  Additionally, the victim received a call from a number claiming to be Amazon, stating that someone attempted to place a charge on their card.   As of now, the charge has not been verified with Amazon.  Officers advised the victim to contact Amazon customer service in order to verify that charge, and to thoroughly monitor their other credit cards for fraudulent activity. 

Fraud – The victim of fraud responded to Headquarters to report the matter.  It was stated that while reviewing their credit card statement a fraudulent charge was found.  There was a charge of $20.00 for gas at their regular gas station, but the victim was not at the gas station on that day.  They did purchase $28.00 of fuel a day later, but the date and amount of gas do not match the charge on the statement.  The victim had already made contact with the credit card company, and Officers advised them to monitor all their personal accounts and how to obtain a copy of the report for their records.

Identity Theft – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding Identity Theft.  The victim stated that they attempted to log into their online bank account and was denied access.  After reaching out to the bank they found that a freeze had been put on their account due to a female actor requesting to withdrawal $1,000.00 from the account.  The unknown actor knew the victim’s social security number and presented an ID matching information on the bank’s system.  The ID appeared to be fake ad they asked the actor to have a seat so they could verify their identity.  The party left the premises stating they would return but did not.  The financial institution filed a fraud report and their team would be investigating the matter further.  The victim was advised that no money was taken from their accounts.  The victim contacted the appropriate departments to have their information frozen and was offered to be entered into the Identity Theft Database, which they declined.  Information of how to obtain a copy of their Police report was given. 

Fraud – A walk in report of fraud was taken at Headquarters.  The victim received a phone call from a party who identified himself as “Sam Cooper” and provided his Amazon employee ID #. “Mr. Cooper” advised he is an Amazon security representative and informed the victim about a firewall for their computer. “Mr. Cooper” asked for access to the victim’s computer so he can run a security scan. “Mr. Cooper” was provided with information to access the computer and advised he found 79 hackers in the computer and purchases made in Ohio.  He recommended they purchase the Amazon security firewall for their computer. “Mr. Cooper” instructed the victim to purchase $2,600.00 worth of eBay gift cards to purchase the firewall over the phone. The victim stated they purchased (6) six - $200.00 eBay gift cards from Target (Clifton Commons) and (7) seven - $200.00 eBay gift cards at CVS (Stuyvesant Plaza) totaling $2,600.00. “Mr. Cooper” was provided with the eBay card information via telephone and the funds on the card were transferred to him. “Mr. Cooper” asked for the victim’s bank account information in order to refund the money into their bank account. “Mr. Cooper” was provided with the victim’s bank account information and their social security number. After speaking to a family member, the victim was advised that it was a scam and they contacted their bank, advised them of the incident, and closed their account.  There was a fraud alert put on through Equifax.  “Mr. Cooper’s” contact information was given to Officers who attempted to make contact with him, and left a voicemail message.  Nutley Police continue to broadcast and advise residents to refrain from providing any gift card info to callers or online scam artists. Please contact a family member or police prior to any instruction an unknown party requests.


Fraud – A walk in report was taken at Headquarters in regards to fraud.  The victim stated that they found an order on their Amazon account that they did not place.  The order was for an Apple iMac for $1,699.50 and an Apple Trackpad 2 for $128.80. The order was to be shipped in the victim’s name, but an address the victim has never resided at.  Their credit account associated with Amazon was not charged.  The incident was reported to the Amazon’s Fraud Department.

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated that a package was received at their prior address in Nutley from Verizon wireless.  The package and its contents had a value of over approximately $350.00 with additional fees for a next day delivery.  The account was charged $537.89.  The victim canceled their Verizon account in December 2019, but the account number associated with this fraudulent order had a different account number.  There was a phone number indicated on the bill that never belonged to the victim or any of their family members.  The number was contacted and found to be inactive.  The victim is still in possession of the items received, and will be responding to a nearby Verizon Wireless store to return the items. The victim did not wish to be added to the Identity Theft Victim Database.