Shoplifting – Franklin Avenue – Officers responded to the area in regards to a report of shoplifting.  The store manager stated that they had a man detained after observing him conceal magazines and attempt to leave the store without making payment.  The suspect Charles Price, 65, of Bloomfield, was placed under arrest, transported to Headquarters, charged with Shoplifting, processed, and told that he was no longer permitted to patronize business. Advised of his Court date, and released.

Nutley Police continue to search for a 57 y/o man Andres Fernandez of Nutley when he was reported Missing on 2/15/2020. Police learned on 2/20 that a family member was in contact with him; however police will continue to investigate until he is spoken to in person.

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Missing Person- Police responded to Lincoln St. in response to a missing 90 y/o man. Police were able to locate the man who suffers from a medical condition. He was in good health and told police he just went for a walk.


Animal Incident – Cottage Place - Officers responded to the area in regards to a delivery person bit by a dog.  After being examined by EMS it was determined that there was no sign of injury to the delivery person.  The dog owner was issued a Township Ordinance for Unlicensed Dog.  No further actions needed.


Theft from Vehicle – Walnut Street - Officers returned property to its owner that was found thrown in a bush.  It was at that time the owner stated the item was stolen from their vehicle.  The vehicle was left unlocked and there was no evidence of forced entry. Detective Bureau advised of the incident and is investigating this along with several other vehicles that had been entered over the early morning hours. Detectives are working with Clifton Police who had similar thefts the same morning.

Theft from Vehicle – Cambridge Drive - Officers responded to the area regarding a theft from vehicle.  Victim stated that they left their driver’s side door unsecured at the time they parked it for the evening.  Upon returning to the vehicle, they noticed the interior was rummaged through with items from the glove compartment and center console on the passenger side of the vehicle. 

Theft from Vehicle – Cambridge Drive - While Officers were on location investigating other Theft from Vehicle incidents, a resident reported that their sister’s vehicle was found this morning with their glove compartment open and documents scattered all over the center console. 

Theft from Vehicle – Cambridge Drive - Officers responded to the area in regards to a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated that they parked their work vehicle last evening, and upon return to it this morning, discovered it was burglarized.  The victim observed their work bag opened with its contents scattered on the front passenger seat.


Animal Incident – River Road - Two parties walking their dogs had an incident that resulted in one of the parties being bit by one of the dogs.  While walking in their complex, one party walking two dogs lost control of the dogs and fell to the ground resulting in injuries.  The dogs ran towards another dog in the area.  That owner was able to pick their dog up to protect it from harm, but was bit by one of the dogs in the process.  Both dogs were found to have their proper vaccines, but one dog failed to be properly licensed.  Due to the dog’s owner being issued a Township Ordinance for Unlicensed Dog at a previous time, a second Township Ordinance for Unlicensed Dog was issued along with the mandatory Court date. 

Criminal Mischief – Franklin Avenue - The victim of criminal mischief responded to Headquarters to report the incident.  During a visit to a local business, the vehicle of the victim was keyed in the main parking lot.  Officers observed key marks on the driver’s side front door, along with both passenger side front and back doors. 

Criminal Mischief – Cambridge Drive - A victim observed a party stumbling around the complex carrying a plastic bag that was swung around and struck the windshield of their work vehicle.  The force caused a crack in the glass.  The victim was advised of their right to sign a complaint with the Municipal Court for their cracked windshield.


Missing Person- at 12:48 PM  police took a missing person report from a resident that reported a 35 y/o man missing. Police entered the man missing and launched an investigation into his whereabouts, the following day he returned to his Hillside Ave residence and was found to be in good health.


Criminal Mischief – Ackerman Street - Headquarters received a walk in report regarding the victim finding damage to their vehicle.  The victim pointed out the damage which consisted of scratches to the hood, three chips to the windshield, chipped paint to the edge of the door and discoloration on the hood.  It is not known how or when the damage occurred, but the owner stated it is continuous. 

Missing Person- at 2:39 AM police took a missing person report from a Shepard Pl resident that reported their 35 y/o husband missing. Police entered the man missing and conducted a short investigation, which found him in good condition.