Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding fraud.  The victim stated their company received a check for $34,886.95, (in Dec. 2018) that was due to their business, and turned out to be insufficient funds in the checking account.  Many attempts were made to collect the debt owed to the company to no avail.  Police are investigating if this was fraud, or oversight.

Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that they found two transactions in their checking account which they did not authorize.  The information for the transactions totaled close to 30,000.00. 

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The financial institution closed out the checking account and transferred their remaining balance into their savings account. Police and bank fraud investigating.

Fraud – the victim of fraud reported the incident to Headquarters.  It was stated that there had been some recent fraudulent activity on two of the victim’s credit cards.  Charges were noticed this morning and the credit card company was contacted.  They were able to cancel the card before the charges were approved.  Upon this incident, the victim checked their other accounts and noticed several fraudulent charges for LYFT rides (between 1/11-1/14) totaling $183.60.  That credit card was closed once the charges were noticed. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they applied for a credit card that they realized they never received.  Upon inquiring with the company they were told the card was activated in the middle of December and had been swiped at an Apple Store in the amount of $914.84 that same day.  The victim had made a purchase at the Apple store for the same amount, but used a different card for the purchase.  The party on the phone informed the victim that whoever activated the missing card, had the last four digits of the victim’s social security number.  The victim was advised of the opportunity to be entered into the Identity Theft Victim database, to which they declined at the time of the report.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.

Shoplifting – Washington Avenue - Officers were called to the area due to a customer telling the manager that a male had just stole some items from the establishment.  At approximately 03:02 hours a patron advised the manager that a male walked up to the counter, took items without paying (total value of all merchandise is under $200 dollars). The description of the actor was:  Hispanic male, thin build, clean shaven, wearing a dark gray hoodie, dark cap, ripped blue jeans and coat (no color given).  Multiple units checked the area with negative results. 


Theft – Monsignor Owens Place - Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a theft.  The victim stated that they were at church and when they got up to serve communion they left their purse open and in the pew.  Later in the evening they noticed their prescription medications were missing from their purse.  The victim feels as if someone took the medications from the purse while they were receiving communion.   

Theft from Vehicle – Bloomfield Avenue - Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a Handicap Parking Placard that was stolen from a vehicle. The victim noticed the placard missing on Monday morning when they got in their vehicle.  The victim believes they left their car unlocked during the overnight hours.  There was no forced entry into the vehicle and it was not rummaged through.  The placard was entered as stolen.  Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.


Theft from Vehicle – Police took a report from a party who stated that while their vehicle was parked on Joerg Ave someone entered and stole his wallet. Police are investigating.

Pizza Fraud- A local Pizza establishment contacted police to advise that they received a phone order that was placed on a MasterCard – moments later he received a call from a Texas resident claiming that it was their card that was used. A short time later three parties entered the establishment in an attempt to pick up the order but were denied. Descriptions of the actors was provided to police.


Traffic Stop Arrest – Centre/ Bloomfield Avenue – Police stopped a motorist for a traffic infraction and found the driver 40 y/o Natsha Thompson of Newark to have an outstanding, warrant out of S. Plainfield. She was contacted and released her on her own recognizance.