NUTLEY, NJ - The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing

Anyone who has information about any crimes can send a (non emergency) Tip Anonymously by texting CRIMES starting message with NPDTIP or log into and search Nutley.

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Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that they received three (3) fraudulent charges on their bank account for approximately $700.00 in merchandise from three (3) different store.   Police and bank fraud department are investigating.


Theft from Vehicle – King Street -  Officers responded to the area in regards to a report of a theft from vehicle.  Upon arrival they met with the victim who stated they found their vehicle with the driver’s side door not fully closed. They also noticed the center console was open with contents missing.   The vehicle was left unlocked and there were no signs of forced entry. 

While on scene, two other vehicles were observed having been entered.  The first vehicle was found to be rummaged through.  The owner was advised to contact Headquarters if they should notice anything missing. 

The second vehicle was found with the driver's side door slightly ajar, the center console open, and miscellaneous items were all over the passenger seat.  Contact was made with the primary driver and they confirmed that someone entered the vehicle.  The owner did state that they left the vehicle unlocked. 

Theft from Vehicle – St. Mary’s Place – Officers responded to the area on a report of a theft from vehicle.  The caller stated that they found their vehicle had been entered with items  missing from the center console.  The vehicle was left unlocked and no forced entry was observed.  Detective Bureau responded to process the vehicle, take over the investigation, and a canvass of the area was completed.

The Detective Bureau was contacted and responded to the area to process the vehicles.  All parties were advised to lock their vehicles when not in service.  Investigating Detectives described suspect as a black male, approximately 5’9” in height, 145 pounds, wearing a baggy sweatshirt, baggy pants, and smoking a cigarette. 


Wire Down – Bloomfield Avenue -  Response was made to the area in regard to a low hanging wire.  The homeowner stated that the telephone/internet wire was pulled down by unknown means and caused damage to the south side of the home.  A monetary value of damage was not available at the time of the report.  Police cut the wire and moved it out of the way of traffic due to it hanging dangerously low into the street.  The homeowner would be contacting the telephone company to repair the wire.  They were advised how to obtain a copy of the report.

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud where the victim stated that they were selling an item on eBay and found a buyer that was interested.  They sent a check for the item plus shipping and asked that the check be deposited and then a certified check made out to a party for $1,500 and deposited into a Chase Bank account. The victim did as they were asked and then was advised by their financial institution that the check they deposited was returned unpaid.  The victim’s account was charged $3250 and an additional $20 fee.


Fraud – the victim of fraud reported the incident to Headquarters.  They stated that they purchased a Western Union money order and forwarded it to the proper party for payment.  The party that received it stated that when they deposited it in the bank it bounced due to it being invalid.  The victim provided the receipt and money order purchased verifying its validity.  Western Union advised the victim to respond to the Police Department to report the incident.  No further action taken.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report of fraud.  The victim stated that they received a message from a mediation service stating that someone from their office would be responding to the victim’s address to get their signature on an unpaid bill.  The victim called the number back and spoke with the representative that explained the call was made in reference to an unpaid furniture bill from 2015 of $4,917.85.  The representative knew the victim’s name, social security and job occupation.  It was determined that someone used the victim’s identity to purchase furniture.  A further check found that none of the victim’s personal accounts or credit cards were tampered with and they opted to be placed into the Identity Theft Victim database.

Fraud – The victim of fraud responded to Headquarters to make a report.  They stated that they were contacted by a Federal Credit Union Bank that stated the victim’s Visa debit card had been used to purchase $598.11 of iTunes products.  The victim stated that no one in the family or themselves had used the card in months and that the purchase of iTunes products must be fraudulent activity.  The bank employee stated that the same card was used months back to purchase iTunes as well.  The victim stated that those claims are false and that no purchases were made for any iTunes products.  A Police report was necessary for the financial institution to consider a refund.  Nothing further.


Illegal Dumping – Warren Street – The manager of an apartment complex responded to Police Headquarters to report an incident of illegal dumping.  Observed was a white male, late 30’s, having numerous tattoos, driving a white Dodge, deposit approximately 10 bags of concrete construction debris in one of the complex dumpsters.  A check of the license plate revealed the actor who later admitted to depositing the debris in the dumpster.  They were issued a summons Township Ordinance, which was mailed, and advised of their Court date. 

Theft – Franklin Avenue – Officers responded to the area regarding a past occurred theft.  Two wallets were taken from gym bags, money removed, and wallets found in the garbage can.  A total of $340 was missing.  The Detective Bureau was advised and will be taking over the investigation.

Suspicious Incident – Headquarters received a report regarding a suspicious incident.  The victim mailed a $400 check to the US Department of the Treasury to pay for their taxes.  Upon checking their account, they noticed the check was cashed but when they contacted the IRS, they stated they did not receive a check.  The bank was contacted and it was found that it was cashed by a third party.  That financial institution would not give any further information.  It was at that time the victim wanted to file a Police report.

Fraud – Officers took a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they sold an item on Craig’s list to a party “Chris” who sent a cashier’s check for $1,950.00 and the item was only sold for $200.00.  Through text messages “Chris” asked that the victim forward the remailing $1,350.00 to the moving company and to keep the balance for their trouble.  The victim agreed, but would send the money after the check cleared.  Representatives from the bank advised the victim that the check was fraudulent and they would not be honoring it.  “Chris” continued to contact the victim via text, but the phone number attached was not accepting incoming calls. 

Fraud – A walk in report was made regarding a fraud.  The victim received a bill from a wireless company for $367.79 for an account they did not open.  Additionally, the victim does not have an account with the particular wireless company.  Contact was made with the carrier but they would not provide any information unless a Police report was made regarding the incident.  At this time, the victim could not provide a possible suspect or location where the account was opened.  The opportunity was offered to the victim to be entered in as an Identity Theft Victim, which they opted to do.   No further action.