Fraud – The victim of fraud reported the incident to Police.  They stated they received an email from their PayPal account discussing recent transactions they wanted to verify.  The victim told them they had not used their PayPal account recently and would check their accounts with their financial institution.  Upon looking at their accounts they discovered that both their checking account and credit card had been compromised in the amount of approximately $8,013.96.  Four (4) transactions were made, all transfers to parties in the Philippines.  Western Union was contacted to start a claim, and they requested a Police report to begin the investigation. 

Thefts from Vehicles – Lloyd Court/Freeman Place – Lloyd Court victim stated they parked their vehicle in their assigned spot and when they returned to their vehicle they noticed the driver’s side door was opened. 

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Freeman Place victims contacted Police to report a theft from vehicle.  Upon returning to the vehicle they noticed it was rummaged through and a Home Depot credit card worth $150.00 was taken. Second vehicle owned by the victim was also entered into, rummaged through, as well.

Detective Bureau investigating this and several other incidents throughout the town this past week.

Attempted & Thefts from Motor Vehicles – 3- Lakeside Drive/3-Cleveland Avenue – Police were contacted regarding several attempted thefts from vehicles and Officers responded to the area in search of the described actors. Both actors were apprehended and placed under arrest. Video surveillance showed both actors Varsahyia Sanclemente, 19, of Newark, and Francisco Garcia, 20 of Newark, attempting to gain entry into vehicles.  They were transported to Headquarters and charged:  Mr. Sanclement was charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Burglary – a 3rd degree crime for attempting to gain entry into two (2) vehicles. Mr. Garcia was charged with Burglary - a 3rd degree crime and Theft By Unlawful Taking – Both men were advised of their Court dates and released from custody. All suspected proceeds were entered into evidence.

On May 4th, A resident of Lakeside Drive contacted Headquarters to report their unlocked vehicle was burglarized 5/1/2020. They observed the glove box and center console open with items missing from within. 

On May 7th, a resident of Lakeside Drive reported their vehicle was entered and rummaged through.  The victim had not used their vehicle since 5/1/2020 and it is possible that the car was entered during the evening the 2 above actors were charged.                        


Theft from Vehicle – High Street – A resident reported their vehicle was parked for the evening and left unlocked until they secured the vehicle from the home later in the evening.  Upon returning to the vehicle they found the center console opened at the contents laid on the front seat. 

Leaving the Scene – River Road – Officers responded to the area in regards to a leaving the scene motor vehicle crash.  The victim stated they parked their Mercedes in a visitors spot in the complex and when they returned to their vehicle they noticed damage to the front and rear passenger side doors. 

Theft from Vehicle – Chestnut Street – the victim of a theft from vehicle reported the incident to Police.  They stated when they returned to their vehicle they noticed the glove box and center console had been rummaged through. 

Property Damage – Hay Avenue – An incident of property damage was reported to Headquarters.  The foreman of roadwork construction stated that one of their employees was using a walk behind saw used to cut concrete when the pin broke on it.  The blade became dislodged rolled across the street and struck a parked, unoccupied vehicle no injuries reported.  The owner of the vehicle was made aware of the incident. 


Theft from Vehicle – Beech Street – Victim stated they found their vehicle rummaged through with items taken from the center console.  The vehicle was left unlocked overnight and there was no damage caused to the car during the incident. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated that their financial institution contacted them and stated their business account was overdrawn.  It was revealed that an unknown actor/s was using their checks made out to an unknown person, with an address in New Brunswick, NJ.  There were 3 checks cashed totaling $9,772.83.  The victim was advised to close their account and monitor all of their accounts for any suspicious activity. 


Fraud – The victim of a fraud reported to Police that they received a bill from AT&T with their name and address on it in the amount of $231.97.  The victim does not have an account with AT&T.  They contacted AT&T to report the fraudulent account and was advised they would not be responsible for the payment. 

Shoplifting – Harrison Street - Dispatch was notified of a suspected shoplifter fleeing from the scene.  The actor was described as a black male, with a black hat, carrying a recycling bag. Officers observed the male party on Franklin Ave. and Coppola and arrested Mr. Jerome Hill, 56, of Newark.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, charged with Shoplifting advised of his Court date, and released from custody.


Thefts from Vehicles – 2- Raymond Ave/2- Overlook Ave/ – The victim of a theft from vehicle reported the incident to Police.  The car was found with the door ajar and the rear hatch open.  The vehicle was observed rummaged through and missing a box of medical bags worth approximately $200.00.  The vehicle was left unlocked.

While Officers were canvassing the area they found a black wallet and black Dodge case containing vehicle documents and an owner’s manual for a vehicle from Overlook Avenue.  The victim was advised of the incident and confirmed the vehicle was rummaged through.

As Patrol units continued to canvass the area they found another vehicle on Overlook Terrace with the doors unlocked and the interior rummaged through. The owner was contacted and made a check of the car.   

Another vehicle on Raymond Avenue was found to have been rifled through sometime in the overnight hours. 

Theft from Vehicle – Stanley Avenue -  Headquarters received a report of a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated that when they returned to their unlocked vehicle they found papers, the contents of their glove box and center console scattered about the vehicle’s interior. 

Theft from Vehicle – Mapes Avenue – A resident of the area contacted Police to report a theft from vehicle.  Their neighbor told the victim that during the night their dog was barking and when they looked out the window they saw an unknown party slam the vehicle door of the victim and then enter a silver vehicle and drive away.  The victim stated their vehicle was left unlocked.

Police sent out an alert earlier this week-

Police Director Alphonse Petracco and Chief Thomas Strumolo are advising residents that unlocked vehicles are being burglarized throughout the township during overnight hours.

We have experienced an increase in reports that vehicles had been entered and items stolen over the past two weeks. Although a 19 and 20 year old from another town have both been arrested last week and charged with burglary , we have had other entries after their arrest.

On April 30th, vehicles were entered on Duncan and Lovell, May 1st Lakeside and Cleveland, May 5th Chestnut and Beech and today police are investigating entries on, Raymond and Overlook.

Chief Strumolo requests that if anyone has surveillance of the actors, on any of these dates to contact detectives at 973-284-4940. He also advises residents to lock their vehicles, remove valuables and contact police if they see or hear anything suspicious. If you discover your vehicle had been entered, do not touch anything and call police first.

Police Director Alphonse Petracco said two arrests were made last week and commended our residents and officers for those arrests. He said those two were probably responsible for most of the burglaries, however, others will make their way to Nutley if we continue leaving our cars unlocked.

He said together we can lock all cars and send a clear message that we are not allowing them to shop here anymore.