Burglary to auto arrest – Conover- On 10/2/2019 Police responded to Conover Ave when a woman walking her dog told police she observed someone acting suspiciously near a parked vehicle. When police arrived they were able to recover evidence leading to charges against 23 y/o Jason Ortiz of Paterson for burglary to auto.


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Property Damage – Crestwood Avenue, Whitford Avenue, Stanley Avenue  - Three (3) homes reported property damage during the past rain storms.  A Crestwood Avenue resident reported a large limb from a Township tree had fallen on their vehicle.  There was also a wire laying on the front lawn, which appeared to be a telephone wire.  The tree limb was observed resting on the following areas of the vehicle:  roof, driver’s door, driver’s side fender, and engine hood.  Shade Tree was contacted to remove the limb from the vehicle. 

On Whitford Avenue the homeowner stated that a tree limb hanging over their rear yard fence on the south side of the property broke and fell to the ground.  Upon hitting the ground, the tree limb damaged the in-ground pool cover.  A private tree company was contacted to remove the limb from the property.  No further Police action was necessary.      

A Stanley Avenue resident reported that pieces from the neighbor’s tree have been falling onto the roof and hood of their vehicle, causing small circular dents.  Amount of monetary damage was unknown at the time of the report.  The victim’s insurance company required a Police report to submit for their claim. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – Spring Street – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of the driver, Michael V. Dimodica, 40, of Caldwell for an active warrant out of Sparta.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, was able to pay the appropriate bail necessary for release, and advised to contact the Sparta Municipal Court.  Additionally, he was issued three (3) motor vehicle summonses for Suspended Driver’s License, Expired License, Careless Driving, and advised of his Court date before being released. 

Criminal Mischief – Wilshire Drive – Headquarters received a report of criminal mischief.  The victim stated that actor/s threw eggs at their residence and vehicle.  The victim was advised of their right to sign a complaint from criminal mischief with the Court should the actor/s identity become available. 

Simple Assault – Park Avenue – A party stopped at the traffic light at Washington and Park Avenues, reported that a male, Caucasian party, operating a silver/grey pick-up behind them was honking their horn awhile.  As both vehicles were traveling on Park Ave, the pick-up cut off the victim and stopped. Both parties exited their vehicles and engaged in a verbal dispute.  As, the victim was returning to their vehicle, the unknown male party punched them in the face.  The victim had minor injuries which included a bloody noise and swelling to their right cheek. The victim was advised of his right to file a complaint with the Court if the identity of the suspect is discovered.

Property Damage – High Street – Officers were directed to the area in regards to a report of property damage.  The victims stated that due to high winds, a tree had fallen into their backyard from their rear neighbor’s yard located on North Spring Garden Ave.  Observed was a large tree, (one of two trees divided at the base), which had fallen into the backyard of the High Street property, causing damage to a swing set and the fence along the rear of the back yard.  Also observed was the tree laying on top of some patio items which were covered. 


Motor Vehicle Theft – Park Avenue – Response was made to the area in regards to a motor vehicle theft.  The business owner stated that when their employee arrived to work they found the work truck that they use missing from the parking lot.  The van is described as a while 2013 GMC Savannah van, that was clearly detailed with the business logo and information.  Area surveillance describes the actor as wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and dark colored jeans, unknown race. 

The vehicle contained company tools and personal tools of the daily operator with a value of approximately $6,000.  There was no sign of forced entry, such as broken glass.


Suspicious Incident – Centre Street – A party responded to Headquarters to report suspicious incidents.  The victim stated that on multiple occasions they have found screws in the tires of their vehicle.  At first it seemed related to some area construction but believes now that the acts are intentional.  The incidents have happened approximately one (1) to two (2) times a month.  The cost to fix the tires costs $30.00 each time and it has happened approximately 10 times. 

Property Damage – Passaic Avenue – A report of property damage was received regarding a branch that broke off from the tree in the driveway and landed on the vehicle.  The damage to the vehicle was located on the roof where there was observed a large dent, damage to the driver’s side mirror and the frame of the passenger side door.  The insurance company was already contacted and requested a Police report to accompany the claim. 

Criminal Mischief – Centre Street – Officers were directed to the area to document an incident of criminal mischief.  The victim stated that they parked their car in their parking spot and when they returned they found the vehicle had been "keyed".  There was damage observed to the vehicle, specifically scratches along both passenger doors, and a scratch along the rear hatch.  An estimated cost to repair the damage is approximately $2,700.00.

Dispute – Centre Street – Response was made to the area in regards to a dispute that resulted in the arrest of Timothy Murphy, 29, of Nutley for two active warrants out of our Township.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, the Municipal Judge contacted and stated to transport Mr. Murphy to the Essex County Correctional Facility to await Court.  Nothing further.


Motor Vehicle Theft – Bloomfield Avenue – Police responded to a report regarding a stolen vehicle.  The victim stated that they parked their White 2001 Ford F150 work truck in front of their home and left it running while they brought their dog in the house.  They entered the back door and came straight through to exit the front door and witnessed the vehicle being driven South on Bloomfield Avenue.  There was no available description of the actor.  The Detective Bureau was advised and responded to the scene.  The vehicle was entered as stolen and a message was communicated to alert the surrounding agencies of the incident.  Investigation to continue.

Unattended 4 y/o- Police responded to Franklin Ave near Vreeland in response to a 4 year old wandering without adult supervision. The child who left a nearby preschool crossed High St and was stopped by a concerned citizen who safeguarded the child until police arrived. It appeared that the child walked out of an opened door at the day care center unnoticed. The child was not injured and returned to his parents.


Fraud – Ernest Street – Headquarters received a walk in report of fraud.  The victim stated that they were offered a rental property and paid a $750.00 security deposit via personal check.  The victim later found out that the lessee of the apartment is not allowed to sublet and made multiple attempts to contact the actor/s to get their money back but his calls are ignored and no effort has been made on the actor/s part to contact the victim.  The Detective Bureau is furthering investigation.

Shoplifting – Harrison Street – the manager of a local business establishment contacted Police to report a shoplifting in progress, which resulted in the arrest of Prince Hobson, 26, of Irvington.  He was found in possession of 18 deodorants, 6 Nyquil, 4 Theraflu and 5 Robitussin, which were found under his shirt and had a value of $284.40.  A search incident to arrest also found in his possession 4 empty Heroin glassine folds, and CDS paraphernalia.  Hobson was also checked for wants / warrants and was found to have three (3) out of Hillside, and one (1) out of Irvington. Hillside PD was contacted and they stated they would come to take custody of him from our department. Mr. Hobson was charged with Shoplifting, 4th degree, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, which were placed on summons, advised of his Court date and released to the custody of Hillside PD.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding fraud.  The victim stated they believed their Google account has been hacked which is connected to their debit card.  Upon checking the trash section of their Google account they discovered a transaction for a Google Pixel 4XL 64gb unlocked phone costing $899.00.  The shipping receipt listed the victim as the recipient but the item was shipped to an address in Jersey City.  It is believed that the Google account settings were changed to have the emails regarding the purchase of the phone sent directly to the trash section of the email account. The victim was able to contact Google regarding the incident and a stop shipment order was placed on the phone and that they would be refunded the $899.00 within 10 days.  The debit card has already been canceled with the financial institution and the credit bureaus put a “freeze” on their credit.  The victim was afforded the opportunity to be entered into the Identity Theft Victim database which they declined.  They were advised to monitor their financial accounts and report any further fraudulent activity. 


Motor Vehicle Stop – Route 21 – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of Marco Ugarte, 40, of Kearny for four (4) active warrants out of Millburn, Lyndhurst, Kearny, and East Orange.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, where he was able to post the appropriate bail to satisfy the warrants.  Mr. Ugarte was advised to contact the respective Courts for upcoming Court dates, issued two summons for Driving After Driver’s License Suspended and Driving with Expired License, before being released from custody.

Rt 21- Motor Vehicle accident- Police responded to Rt 21 in response to a motorist that struck a deer. The vehicle sustained damage and need to be towed, while the deer  suffered multiple leg injuries and needed to be euthanized by police. Department of Transportation responded and removed deer from roadway. The driver was not injured.