Anyone who has information regarding any crimes can send a (non-emergent) Tip Anonymously by texting CRIMES starting message with NPDTIP or log into and search Nutley

Police have received a number of complaints regarding phone fraud involving PSEG. Police Chief Strumolo urges residents to contact PSEG directly if anyone representing to be from there are seeking payment.

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If you sell any item/s on the internet, DO NOT accept a check for more than the item was agreed to be sold.  DO NOT deposit checks that have instructions to send a portion of that check to another location.  The checks are fraudulent and you WILL lose money from your account.


Suspicious Incident  – Nutley Ave – Police responded to a Nutley Ave residents home when they reportedly found a deer head on their front lawn. Initially they believed it was a down branch with leaves, but further inspection determined it to be a deceased deer.


Theft – Walnut Street – response was made to the area on a report of a past occurred package theft.  The resident stated that two packages were stolen from their front porch earlier in the day.  The suspect was described to be Caucasian, wearing glasses, a blue jacket, blue jeans, and brown shoes.    The Detective Bureau is investigating.

Surveillance photo of person of interest if you can identify actor please notify Nutley Police.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report of identity theft.  The victim stated that someone had attempted to fraudulently obtain funds from their account by contacting the payroll department of their employer.  Correspondence was made via email asking to change bank account details on file.  No personal information was disclosed during the correspondence and the new account information provided was traced and found to be linked to Green Dot, a prepaid credit card service, which is commonly used in scam related activities. 


Suspicious Incident – Gless Avenue – Officers responded to the area on a report that a homeowner found their front door open.  Patrol units entered and secured the home.  Nothing was found to be disturbed and there were no signs of forced entry.  It was an apparent oversight.  No further action taken.


Fraud – Patrol units responded to the home of a party reporting an incident of Identity Theft.  The victim stated that they received an email from “Apple” in regard to a $100 charge.  The actor/s asked if the victim approved the charge and then began asking questions prompting the victim to give personal information including social security number, credit card number and passwords.  Apple was contacted and informed the victim that it was a scam and it was not them.  The victim immediately canceled their credit card, changed passwords, and contacted social security.  Officers advised the victim to contact their financial institution and get a credit report as well to make sure no other accounts may have been opened in their name.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that they were in an accident on the Parkway, exchanged information with the other party, and an agreement was made that the damage would be paid for amongst themselves.  The victim had their vehicle fixed and received payment in checks, totaling $9,500.00, from the other party to pay for the damages.  The victim deposited the monies and paid with a personal check to the body shop.  The financial institution contacted the victim to inform them that their account was overdrawn approximately $9,500.00 and the checks deposited were fraudulent.  The account was placed on hold and closed for security purposes. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated they found fraudulent activity on their bank checking account in the sum of $750.00.  A withdrawal was made at a Stop & Shop in East Brunswick that the victim did not authorize or make.  There are no other parties that have access to the victim’s accounts.  It was advised that the teller did not ask for identification or any form of credentials from the actor/s who withdrew the money. 

Theft – Conover Avenue – Detective Bureau responded to the area after the Belleville Police Department notified Headquarters of an open, empty package found in Belleville belonging to a Nutley resident.    Another package shown as delivered was also missing.  The area was canvassed with negative results.  Detective Bureau will be investigating.

Theft – Bayard Street – Detective Bureau responded to the area to alert the homeowner of the fact that an open, empty package addressed to them was found in Belleville by their Officers.  The victim stated that two packages were noted as delivered to their home.  The area was canvassed with negative results.  Detective Bureau will be investigating.

Theft – Yale Street – Another homeowner was contacted by the Detective Bureau regarding an empty package found in Belleville by their Officers.  Was noted as delivered on this date but was not at the home when the residence arrived.  A canvass yielded negative results.  Detective Bureau to investigate.


Fraud – Officers responded to the area to take a report of fraud.  The victim stated that after being dropped off by a driving service they realized that their wallet was missing.  Additionally, they were alerted to fraudulent activity made to their credit card.  Two transactions, one for $309.93 and one for $180.00, were made to the credit card.  The driving company was contacted but stated the employee had not found the wallet in the vehicle.  The financial institution was contacted and closed the account that was compromised and will be investigating the charges.  The case number for the report was provided to the victim and they were advised that if the actor/s should be identified they had the right to file a complaint with the Courts.