The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.


Anyone who has information regarding any crimes can send a (non-emergent) Tip Anonymously by texting CRIMES starting message with NPDTIP or log into and search Nutley

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Police have received a number of complaints regarding phone fraud involving PSEG. Police Chief Strumolo urges residents to contact PSEG directly if anyone representing to be from there are seeking payment.

If you sell any item/s on the internet, DO NOT accept a check for more than the item was agreed to be sold.  DO NOT deposit checks that have instructions to send a portion of that check to another location.  The checks are fraudulent and you WILL lose money from your account.


Motor Vehicle Stop – Passaic Avenue – Patrol units initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of the passenger, Anthony Dilauri, 29, of Nutley for an outstanding warrant out of Nutley.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, and the Court released him on his own recognizance with a new hearing date.  Mr. Dilauri was also issued (2) two motor vehicle summonses: Additionally, the driver was issued a motor vehicle summons for Failure to Provide Valid Registration Document. Nothing further.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Passaic Avenue – Officers pulled over a vehicle and it resulted in the arrest of the driver, Patricia Paciorek, 42, of East Orange, for an outstanding warrant out of East Orange.  She was transported to Headquarters where East Orange Police were contacted regarding the incident.  They released Ms. Paciorek on her own recognizance with a new Court date.  She was issued the following motor vehicle summonses:  Driving While Suspended, Suspended Registration, and Obstruction of View.

Suspicious Incident – Centre Street – Officers responded to the area on the report of a suspicious incident.  The residents stated they were expecting a delivery today and when they returned home they found a package opened and left on the front porch. 


Motor Vehicle Stop – Franklin Avenue – A motor vehicle stop was made that resulted in the arrest of the driver, Francis Ferriero, 52, of Harrison, for four (4) active warrants out of the Township of Kearny, City of Newark, Town of Randolph, and the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, and was issued two traffic summonses for Driving While Driver’s License is Suspended and View Obstruction.  Additionally, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and sent two Sheriff’s Officers to Nutley Headquarters to take custody of Mr. Ferriero.  Nothing further.

Motor Vehicle Crash – High Street – Officers responded to the area regarding a motor vehicle accident.  Upon arrival, units observed a vehicle that crashed into the rear of an unoccupied auto which pushed into the curb.  The incident resulted in the arrest of Venessa Brower, 47, of Nutley, who was transported to Headquarters without incident.  She was issued Driving While Intoxicated, released from custody with a mandatory Court date.


Property Damage – Alexander Avenue – Response was made to the area to speak with a homeowner who wanted to document an incident of property damage.  It was stated that the victim’s driveway was just replaced and that while a tree trimming company was trimming tree limbs around the residence a large limb caused a crack to the edge of the driveway.  The workers on scene called a supervisor that stated contact would be made the homeowner.  They were advised on how to obtain a copy of the report for their records.  Nothing further.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report of a fraud.  Upon checking their online mobile checking account, the victim noticed two debits to the account which they did not recognize.  The first check was for $1,479.00 and the second was made out in the amount of $1,879.00, all to the same party who is not known to the victim.  Both checks had the correct account number but with a routing number from Maine and were cashed through a mobile PNC app.  The financial institution has been advised of the incidents and has frozen the account.  The victim declined to be entered into the Identity Theft Victim Database and was advised of how to obtain a copy of their report.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Bloomfield Avenue – Officers were flagged down by a motorist to alert them to a vehicle that had driven up a curb.  A motor vehicle stop was initiated and resulted in the arrest of the driver, Amanda Zorrilla, age 40, of Palisades, NY, who was transported to Headquarters without incident.  She was issued motor vehicle summonses for Driving While Intoxicated, Careless Driving, and was released from custody after being advised of the mandatory Court date.  Nothing further.


Hazardous Condition – River Road - Nutley Fire and Police responded on a report of a hazardous water condition.  Upon arrival, the caller stated that the upstairs neighbor’s residence was expelling high amounts of water which was entering the ventilation shafts into their apartment.  Nobody could be raised in the above apartment and the emergent situation made it necessary for Fire to make a forced entry to turn off the source of the water, which was found to be a busted pipe. The two apartments were deemed uninhabitable and needed to be vacated.  The Property Manager was advised of the situation.

Property Damage- Sunset Drive East – Response was made to the area regarding a report of property damage.  The resident stated their lawn was damaged and Officers observed “ruts” in the front lawn that appeared to be from a large truck driving over it.  A neighbor advised that a tree service company was seen in the area the same day.  A message was left for the owner of the company to contact Police. 


Suspicious Person – Kingsland Park – Officers were directed to the area of on a report of a male party screaming for the past 2 hours.  Upon arrival they met with a male party who appeared to be listening to heavy metal music.  They stated they were singing to their music and apologized for the excessive noise.  Additionally, the party stated that they just moved from California, is currently homeless, and was just passing along.  The party gathered their belongings and left the area.  No further action taken.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report of a fraud.  The victim stated that they opened an account and when they went to the bank today they were told that there was a negative remaining balance.  The account had unauthorized transactions withdrawn of approximately a few hundred dollars.  The branch manager advised the victim to document the incident with the Police and they would investigate the matter further.

Suspicious Vehicle – Crestwood Avenue – Officers responded to the area regarding a suspicious vehicle which resulted in the arrest of the driver, Alan Pol, 26, of Nutley.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, the Essex County Prosecutor was contacted and authorized charges.  Mr. Pol was charged with 1 count of Drug Paraphernalia and 1 count of Possession of Marijuana, which were placed on summons.  He was also issued a motor vehicle summons for Failing to Possess Driver’s License, advised of the mandatory Court date, and released from custody.

Hazardous Condition – Chestnut Street – Headquarters received a report of a broken flag pole resting on an electrical wire.  Police and Fire units arrived at the area, observed the hazardous condition, and made the scene safe until PSE&G arrived and removed the flag pole.  The wire was not compromised.  The homeowner was advised that the pole was aged and its poor condition caused it to fall.  No further action.


Suspicious Incident – Response was made to the area on a suspicious phone call.  The victim stated that they received a call from a party who told them that they were the Police and they were coming to get them.  The victim hung up and was fearful for their safety.  Officers contacted the number and spoke with someone that identified themselves as an “Officer Briant” from the IRS.  The actor was given the reason for the call and when the Nutley Officer asked for their badge number they responded with a derogatory comment and hung up the phone.  The victim was advised this was likely a scam and to block the number.  Additionally, they were told that if the actor/s identity was revealed, they could sign a complaint of Harassment with the Nutley Municipal Court. 

Fraud – A party from Illinois contacted Nutley Headquarters regarding a purchase that was made and delivered to a residence in the Township.  According to the victim, their credit card got skimmed and was used for a fraudulent order that was shown as being shipped to Nutley.  The Officer explained to the victim that they needed to report the incident to their local Police Department, which they said they would do.  The victim also stated that they had made contact with their credit card company and were being reimbursed for the fraudulent funds.  After talking to the Nutley resident, it was found that they purchased the item on a website from a private party (not the victim) and showed an appropriate receipt for the transaction. It is believed that the private party that listed the item purchased it using the credit card of the victim.  Officers contacted the victim to advise them of their findings.  Nothing further.


Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that several months ago a party tried to purchase a T-Mobile phone in their name and was unsuccessful in the attempt but never caught.  Today they received two phone calls looking for the same party that attempted to purchase the cell phone several months ago.  The victim stated to the callers that they were not the party they were looking for and hung up.  Officers reached out to the two numbers but did not get an answer with either attempt.  The victim was advised to check their credit company to inquire if any accounts have recently been opened under her identity.  Nothing further at this time.