WASHINGTON – Bet the 24-hour news channels are seeking Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-11th Dist.) as a guest this morning, after she reported witnessing some GOP congress members escorting people through the Capitol the day before the attack. She released a Facebook video, claiming these tours were “reconnaissance" ahead of what would come the next day. She is blaming her colleagues for providing critical information that led to the disaster that took five lives. “Those members of Congress that attempted to help our president undermine our democracy, I'm going see that they're held accountable,” she vows. Sherrill doesn’t name names, nor does she note if she saw some crazy guy in make-up and a Viking helmet admiring the 19th-century neoclassical architecture. Check out her 13-minute Facebook video here, or just tune in to the CNN loop of repetitive news throughout the day.

WASHINGTON – After New Jersey State Police descended on the Capitol to help quell the Trump-incited mob attack, NJ.com is raising a question: What will happen to Donald Trump’s distinction as an honorary New Jersey State Trooper? Likely no one recalls that Trump received a State Police badge in 2017 by then-Supt. Rick Fuentes to mark National Peace Officers Memorial Day. The State Police aren’t saying if they want to take back badge number 45 from the nation’s 45th president, as the current ‘Roll Call’ roster is supposed to “forever reflect badge number 45 being honorably issued to President Donald J. Trump.” We suggest the badge be re-assigned to Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick of South River, who sacrificed his life protecting an international beacon of democracy.

FLEMINGTON – The witch hunt continues in identifying people from New Jersey who attended the Jan. 6 mess in Washington. For example, Hunterdon County Democrats are now calling for Republicans to demand the resignation of a county commissioner who attended Trump’s rally before the riot, the Courier News reports. Deep breath, here. While everyone is sickened by this attack, we still all have a right to peacefully assemble under the First Amendment. For those who were there to voice their opposition to whatever fiction is floating in their heads, it is their hallowed right. Keep the tar and feathers saved for those who attacked the Capitol and created mayhem.

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BEDMINSTER – When the PGA announced it was pulling its championship from Trump’s golf club next year, the news was met with a smirk and a shrug. But Gov. Phil Murphy says the decision hurts all of us, as the championship brings tens of millions of dollars to the host state in the form of tourism and jobs. Yeah, we didn’t think of that. So, the governor now wants to remind the PGA about all the terrific, pro-level golf courses around New Jersey. Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield – which hosted the 2016 PGA Championship – certainly comes to mind.  The PGA needs to move fast, as all preparations need to begin this spring. New Jersey is ready.


You are more likely to die on the way to buy lottery tickets than you are to actually win.

ATLANTIC CITY – Many have already forgotten the story of former Mayor Frank Gilliam, convicted of stealing money from a youth basketball program he ran. Well, after numerous delays, it looks like he will finally be sentenced to go to prison in the upcoming days or weeks, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. It was certainly big news in October 2019, when he pleaded guilty to wire fraud and promptly resigned from office in disgrace. Now, finally, it looks like hizzoner will head to jail for up to 21 months, followed by three years of supervised release. Sentencing should happen at some point; it was supposed to be tomorrow and now is delayed (again.)

PERTH AMBOY – It may make for a less-than-interesting basketball season, as some school districts are cancelling winter sports because of this stupid, never-ending pandemic. Perth Amboy became the latest district to throw in the towel, as other school districts prepare for winter sports schedules pockmarked with forfeits, cancellations and other unknowns. For graduating seniors with dreams of college scholarships, they are losing a critical opportunity to show some mad skills in a real game setting. But with safety paramount, the only viable option seems to be highlight reels sent to frantic recruiters.


HARRISBURG, Pa. – “Now, junior, you be polite to that nice Democrat.”  “(Sigh) Yes, mom.” That is the exchange taking place every day at the statehouse, where mom has been elected as a state representative, joining her son in the Republican aisle. It all happened when 70-year-old Milou Mackenzie was elected in November, joining her six-term son, Ryan Mackenzie, who lives a few miles away from her. They now sit together on the House floor and commute together from Lehigh County on voting days. It is unclear how having his mom at work will affect Ryan Mackenzie’s votes, but you can bet he’s eating plenty more vegetables at work.


A malapropism walks into a bar, looking for all intensive purposes like a wolf in cheap clothing, muttering epitaphs and casting dispersions on his magnificent other, who takes him for granite.


Likely not the best day in 2011 to order a bacon and cheese sandwich in South Korea, where authorities buried alive 1.4 million domestic pigs to combat an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.


Pedantic – [pih-DAN-tik] – adjective

Definition: Narrowly, stodgily, and often ostentatiously learned

Example: When it comes to the name Van Gogh, I’m a bit pedantic in insisting on the Dutch pronunciation.


“There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man.”

- Sean Connery


“Getting America vaccinated will be one of the greatest operational challenges we’ve ever faced.”

-Joe Biden