EAST ORANGE - Another day, another school bus driver about to be fired. This one works in East Orange or Orange, where apparently he was driving Tuesday morning "under the influence," slamming into five cars in the two towns, as well as a fire hydrant and two traffic poles, on this very bumpy bus ride to school. To add to this, NJ.com reports the 52-year-old driver had a 9-year-old child on board, as well as a bus aide. Oh, and the driver had a suspended license and, oh, he is also charged with endangering a child's welfare and, oh, the bus company is owned by Paterson Councilman Shelim Khalique.

HACKENSACK - New Jerseyans always need someone to hate, so today it happens to be the Bergen County sheriff. Even Gov. Phil Murphy is among those ready with the hot tar and feathers, if the sheriff did, in fact, make all these racist remarks recorded at Murphy's inauguration, and then handed to WNYC. Sheriff Michael Saudino, who apologized last night, apparently summarized the governor's speech with plenty of opinion, saying "he talked about the whole thing, the marijuana, sanctuary state ... better criminal justice reform. Christ almighty, in other words let the blacks come in, do whatever the fuck they want, smoke their marijuana, do this do that, and don't worry about it. You know, we'll tie the hands of cops." Saudino isn't denying the tape's authenticity. The governor wants his immediate resignation if the tape is true, and the next step in this story seems pretty obvious.

 ON THE RAILS - What truly excites a NJ Transit commuter is a scheduled train that arrives on time, offers a clean seat, and then arrives at its destination, safely and promptly. NJ Transit can't exactly promise such lofty things these days, but it will soon give commuters a whopping 10 percent fare discount from November to January, as it will "temporarily discontinue" 18 more trains to reduce chronic cancellations and try to install all that emergency braking the feds are demanding by Dec. 31. NJ Transit vows it has a grand plan with all this reduced service that further screws commuters. But just think of all the extra train station coffee that commuters can buy with that extra $40 or so in savings each month. Winning!

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MORRISTOWN - Helpful or harmful? That's the big question after 11th District House candidate Jay Webber got a ringing endorsement in a President Trump tweet. The Republican assemblyman is in a really tight race against Democrat Mikie Sherrill for 12-term Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen's seat. Their poll numbers are close, but she's walloping Webber in contributions - nearly $3 million to his $250,000. So, perhaps Trump thought he would give his old pal Webber a little boost with a Tweet. A Capitol Hill political analyst tells AP that such a move could alienate independent voters, especially in suburban areas where Democratic women candidates "are on fire." In New Jersey, where Trump has gutted Gateway tunnel funding and slashed our property tax deductions, how could he possibly see himself as an asset?

EAST RUTHERFORD - With word the New Jersey Hall of Fame will have a permanent home in the Meadowlands mega-mall, is there anywhere more appropriate? Where else can you truly celebrate Jersey than deal with a ton of traffic to reach a parking deck to reach a massive, 3.2 million-square-foot shopping mecca that begs you to Buy This! and Buy That! Of course, there's many more bucolic or historic locations around the state to house this Hall of Fame. But c'mon. Where would you put the gift shop?


BOSTON - Was it too early? Some Red Sox fans found themselves in possession of a banner on Monday celebrating the fact the team clinched the American League East. It's just that team hadn't done it yet. It looks like the banner fell off a delivery truck somewhere near Somerville, the Boston Globereports. The fans waited a couple of days and then took the banner to Fenway Park on Wednesday, hoping to trade it for a couple of playoff game tickets and maybe a $12 hot dog. The men left empty-handed, as Red Sox brass quickly tucked it away. Last night, with a 11-6 win over the Yankees, the team can finally fly it.

AVENTURA, FL - No surprise that lawyers try looking their best before judges and juries. What's shocking is a veteran county prosecutor allegedly shoplifting a measly $43 worthy of cosmetics to achieve her desired look. The Sun Sentinel says police arrested the 30-year Broward County prosecutor, after she was seen on surveillance videos stuffing make-up into her purse while shopping at a Publix grocery store with her teenage daughter. These theft charges got her promptly suspended from her $108,000 job, with the bar association also wondering its next move. But we assume the attempt for that ruby red lipstick was well worth it.


It was this day in 1988 that Mike Tyson was perfectly normal and sane, just smashing a TV camera outside his home in Bernardsville.


Panoply - [PAN-ə-plee] - noun

Definition: A full suit of armor

Example: As the Rutgers football team takes the field tomorrow, perhaps they should borrow a panoply from the Scarlet Knight.



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by Andy Landorf & John Colquhoun