3/6/2019 Wednesday

A walk in the park I had in mind after the snow dump of winter the day before. First stop a cup of coffee at John's, to bring to the falls in the park. As I sat at the edge the geese followed me down, ( It's too, too, wet,  for me to stand with you all), ) I said. He walked closer to me as he heard my voice, a friend I guess i think you could be,  so I said stay still and I'll take your portrait of you and me. I Said my good bye and followed the path to the Mud Pond  I had in mind a Winter Scene as I sat at the bench for my eye catch to be. They flew high over the pond and circled over my head. That's the Winter Scene I had in mind, I Geese, this winter day of March the sixth, two thousand and ninteen. 

Nutley Time

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New Jersey