NUTLEY, NJ - Described as the original rom-com (romantic comedy), William Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing" takes over the Nutley Little Theatre in February. This classic comedy has delighted audiences for generations as we follow the antics of Beatrice and Benedick; they hate each other so much - they must be in love! Auditions for all roles take place in November.  

Director Alex Oleksij will hold auditions on November 10 and 11 at 7:30 p.m. at Nutley Little Theatre. Call backs are scheduled for Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30 p.m.. The director seeks 14 men and four women in a wide range of ages and types.

The roles being cast are: 

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• Benedick (30-40): Charming, gallant soldier. The smartest guy in the room – unless Beatrice is in the room. Something happened between Benedick and Beatrice in the past, so now they dislike each other intensely – except that this is the classic “they hate each other so much they must be in love” story, which forms the centerpiece of this play.

• Beatrice (30ish) – Niece of Leonato and Antonio and by far the smartest person in the play. Uses her cynical wit to disguise the fact that she is a romantic at heart. Delights in tormenting Benedick.

• Don Pedro (40-50) – Prince of Aragon, charismatic soldier and leader. Has just put down a revolt by his bastard brother, Don John. A decent and able man.

• Claudio (20s) – Dashing young soldier whose gallantry was the chief reason for Don John’s defeat. In love with Hero, but a bit full of himself and ready to put honor before love.

• Hero (20s) – Daughter of Leonato, in love with Claudio. Should be petite.

• Margaret (20s) – Servant of Hero, Should also be petite and resemble Hero somewhat as the two are mistaken for one another, a major plot point in the play.

• Leonato (Older Man) – Governor of Messina in the service of Don Pedro. Decent, honest man, father of Hero, uncle of Beatrice.

• Antonio (Older man) – Brother of Leonato, uncle to Hero and Beatrice. Usually mild-mannered but a tiger when aroused.

• Ursula (any age) – Servant to Hero, may have a thing for Antonio.

• Balthazar (any age) – Soldier in the service of Don Pedro. Sings two songs in the course of the play.

• Don John (30ish) – Younger, bastard brother of Don Pedro. Recently rose in revolt and was defeated. Now his brother’s prisoner, he seeks revenge against Don Pedro and Claudio. The villain of the piece.

• Borachio and Conrade (20-40) – Henchmen to Don John, willing abettors of his schemes.

• Friar Francis (40+) – Wise, clever, understanding cleric who helps provide the solution to the play’s crisis.

• Dogberry (40+) – One of Shakespeare’s classic clowns, the master of malapropisms. Constable of Messina and a total idiot – but proof that it is better to be lucky than to be smart.

• Verges (40+) – Dogberry’s long-suffering assistant.

• Seacole and Otecake (any age) – Recently appointed night watchmen by Dogberry. Not the brightest flames in the candelabra.

• Sexton (older man) – Judge who has to put up with Dogberry’s idiocy.

Performances will be held on February 7, 8, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 22 at 8 PM and February 9, 16 and 22 at 2PM.  The opening night performance benefits Franklin Reformed Church

Seacole, Otecake, Conrade, and Borrachio will do a comical fight sequence, and most of the principal actors will be involved in two dance numbers: all actors should at least be able to move well.

Those wishing sides may contact the director at All auditions will be held at: Nutley Little Theatre, 47 Erie Pl, Nutley, NJ.  For more information, visit