During this very difficult time so many daily activities for both kids and adults have been put on hold indefinitely. But not for students of Nutley School of Music. One month ago Nutley School of Music made the transition to virtual learning and took all of their students online for private lessons. In addition to that, now they've launched an online music program with free classes / lessons for their students called “Cabin Fever Busters.”

"This is a great way for students to get a break from their cabin fever, try new instruments, and expand their musical abilities," said Nutley School of Music director, Kyong Lee. "It also gives parents another way to adjust to having a house full of children who are ready to have their energy channeled in a positive way." 

Nutley School of Music has taken things to the next level by partnering with over 50 music schools in the US and Canada to create the Cabin Fever Busters group. Any student at the school taking weekly online lessons will get access to the group and all its daily programming for free, including:

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Ukulele classes

Trivia tournaments

Young children music classes

Guitar lessons

Drum lessons

Violin lessons

Garage Band classes

Virtual choir 

Pro Tools classes

Rock band ’name that tune’ tournaments

Fiddle classes

Ear training

Piano classes

Rock band jams

"And the list goes on as we’re still adding courses," stated Ms. Lee.  "The cost for our students? All free." 

To find out more about Cabin Fever Busters, call or text Nutley School of Music at (973) 667-7155.