NUTLEY, NJ - On November 6, residents will be voting for the Congressperson to represent our Congressional District (NJ-11), three seats on the Nutley Board of Education, and a School Bond Referendum. During the past several weeks, many rumors have spread across social media about the upcoming elections.

Rumor: Only property owners can vote in local elections. 

FACT: Every registered voter can vote on election day (or vote by mail.)  It does not matter if you own or rent your residence, if the property is in the name of your spouse, or in the name of another person. All registered voters are eligible to vote.

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Rumor: Only people with children in the Nutley Public School District can vote for Board of Education candidates and the School Construction Referendum. (Rumor Part II: Only graduate of Nutley High School can vote)

FACT: Every registered voter can vote on election day (or vote by mail.)  It does not matter if you have children or grandchildren in the district, if you are an empty nester, or are an 18 year old who recently registered to vote. It does not matter if you went to Nutley High School, private school, dropped out of school, or went to the school of hard knocks. Every registered voter is eligible to vote. 


Rumor: The Township of Nutley and the Board of Education are part of the same budget.

FACT: The Township of Nutley and the Board of Education have completely separate budgets. Neither has oversight in the other’s budget or budget development process. The school district budget is not voted on by the public as long as the total remains under the 2% cap annually, as per the state regulations. The school budget was approved earlier this year. 


Rumor: Residents who filed to receive an absentee or vote-by-mail ballot, but do not receive that ballot or accidently throw it into recycling forfeit the right to vote. 

FACT: Residents who file to receive a mail in ballot, or neglect to mail it, should file a provisional ballot on election day at the appropriate polling place. The provisional ballots are counted once the Essex County Clerk determines that your mail in ballot was not received by his office. 


Rumor: People can only vote for the candidate from their party. 

FACT: The Nutley Board of Education is a non-partisan election so party affiliation plays no role on tha board. For the NJ-11th vote, this is a GENERAL ELECTION, people of any party or registered as Independent can vote for, or write in any candidate they wish. Voters are not bound by the party with which they are registered in general elections. is the only locally owned news organization serving the Township of Nutley, and is a member of the New Jersey Press Association. 

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