Dear Editor,

As we approach our General Election on Nov 5, 2019, the League of Women Voters would like to remind the citizens of Nutley of the importance of participating in our democracy by voting. As a citizen of Nutley, NJ, it is your responsibility to participate in the process, which preserves the social contract of our democracy. Vote in both the Assembly elections and in our local Board of Education election. 

All elections present voters with important choices. Our NJ Assembly will impact our daily lives with their choices and actions. Our local BoE election will make decisions impacting our schools, our children, our community. It is a time to consider the issues and to decide which candidate(s) you support. The LWV urges citizens to make their decisions based on substance, not style, on facts, not rumors, with the following suggestions:

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1.Decide what you are looking for in a candidate. 

Candidates can be judged in two ways: the positions they take on issues and the leadership qualities and experience they would bring to the office. Decide what is important to you. 

For example, think about the problems that you want the BoE to address. Unlike the Assembly elections, BoE elections are non-partisan, so there are no party positions or stances on issues to be used as a guide. Each BoE member represents his/her own positions.

When you consider leadership qualities, think about the characteristics you want in an effective leader.

Do you look for intelligence, honesty, an ability to communicate? What else?

After considering which issues and qualities are most important to you in this campaign, make note of what you consider important to this election, to this governing body, to best serve the community interests.

2.Find out about the candidates.

First, know the candidates who are running, eg. for the 3 BoE positions. Hopefully you have been able to attend at least one of the different forums provided during the campaign to query the candidates on their positions on issues important to you

3.Gather materials about the candidates.

Put together your own information about the candidates from any records you can find on the candidates, from information from campaign headquarters, and watch the press.

Possible sources of information may include: campaign literature, direct mail, letters, press reports, candidates’ speeches, candidate debates or forums

In our local race, interviews with the candidates are helpful. For incumbents, a look at their voting records on issues that you have listed as important can tell you the candidates’ positions on those issues.

4. Discuss your thinking with people you trust and respect. Make your decision.

5. Vote. Take a friend to the polls. Stay involved in community affairs. 

In the end, in the voting booth, it is your decision to pull the lever for the candidates you have chosen through careful consideration of the facts. It should not be the first 3 candidates or the last 3 candidates, nor should it be the middle 3 candidates. Your choice should be your thoughtful choice. Elections have consequences, today and tomorrow, for you and your neighbor.

Don’t think it does not matter; it always does.

The vote is a powerful tool that empowers each citizen, it is a formidable instrument sought by many, and a mighty cause for which many have died. Use your vote wisely, but use it!

Vote Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Polls open 6 am to 8 pm


Vicki Ray

League of Women Voters of the Nutley Area

The League of Women Voters of New Jersey, a non-partisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government and influences public
policy through education and advocacy.