On this #ThrowbackThursday, we go back to 2016 when Nutley's Steven Rogers announces his run for Governor of New Jersey

MORRISTOWN, NJ – Nutley Commissioner Steven Rogers officially announced his run for governor at Morristown’s Madison Hotel before introducing his plans to improve matters such as local business revenue, education and the state’s drug epidemic.

The Republican pointed out that he wants all parties to work together and stated that he will not criticize a single candidate running for the seat.

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“I want republicans, democrats and independents to join us on a journey, a journey to unify this state,” the Navy veteran and former police officer told the crowd. “I want them to join us on this journey to renew and restore New Jersey.”

Rogers explained that Morristown has one of the best business districts in the state, despite the fact that most of its elected officials are members of his opposing party. The local politicians are still looking out for their residents, he said.

“That’s what I see in Morristown,” Rogers said. “I see that in my hometown of Nutley. We’re working as hard as we can to provide some of the best things for the people.”

Rogers plans to bring global corporations to New Jersey to interact with its small businesses as well as bring the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries back to the state.

In an effort to reduce congestion on Route 46 and Route 3, Rogers has come up with the idea of creating more ferry services to New York, which he says will also create a variety of jobs.  

“We are going to produce thousands and thousands of jobs just by thinking a little bit out of the box.”

Another one of the state’s issues that bothers Rogers is the drug epidemic that is affecting the younger residents.

“We have not committed what we should have to the war on drugs,” Rogers said. “When I become governor of this state, there is going to be an aggressive war on drugs.”

As a police officer, he saw many kids die as a result of drug abuse. He wants this problem to be treated more like a mental health issue than a criminal one. 

However, the candidate does not have any sympathy for drug dealers and wants them to be treated and prosecuted as terrorists. 

Rogers also plans to bring the controversy between the police officers and the citizens to an end.

If a police officer does violate their oath of office, he doesn’t want them on the force, but the candidate will not tolerate false accusations against police officers.

“That will come to an end under the Roger administration,” he said.

He added that anyone who falsely accuses a police officer will be criminally prosecuted.

Rogers would also like to make significant changes to the state’s education system. He plans on doing this by eliminating the PARCC exams from the state’s public schools, focusing on special needs students and giving more power and respect to the teachers.

“We need to respect everyone who works with us and for us,” he said.

Rogers added that while in the military, he even respected naval officers who were his enemies. 

Rogers believes that special needs students in New Jersey do not have access to the tools and equipment that they need in order to learn. He plans to change that if he is elected.

“My vision for New Jersey is to make sure that the other 49 states envy us and there is no reason why we cannot reach that goal,” Rogers said.


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