My name is Vito D’Alessio, and I am running for the Nutley Board of Education because it will enable me to continue to serve my community and make a lasting impact on the lives of our citizens and, most importantly, our children. My wife, Tara, has been a teacher for more than twenty-seven years, and together we have raised two incredible sons, both of whom recently graduated from Nutley High School. I have been actively involved in the District for more than a decade, regularly following Board of Education meetings, keeping abreast of the changing needs of the District, and often advocating for necessary change, as well as volunteering my time to various school and community related activities, including coaching sports, serving as the President of the Recreational Football Booster Club and the Nutley High School Wrestling Booster Club, chaperoning for school events, and participating in PTO-sponsored activities.  

I recently retired from the Essex County Sheriff’s Office after twenty-seven years of service. As a Captain for the Sheriff’s Office, I led the Bureau of Narcotics and Criminal Investigation Division, which provided me the opportunity to directly interact with students, parents and school administrators regarding safety issues. I am intimately familiar with the many security issues facing school districts today, including bullying, threats of violence, safety drills and protocols, and technology. Quite simply, I have witnessed first-hand what works and what does not; and I understand that school safety requires a multifaceted approach.  

I fully believe that with dedication, an ability to think outside of the box, and community and educator input, we can solve the issues facing the District today and lay the foundation for continued excellence for years to come. Drawing from my experience as a parent, a County Sheriff’s Officer, and an actively involved member of the community, I am ready to dedicate myself to achieving these goals.