NUTLEY, NJ - With so many people staying at home, with nothing much to do, jumping online and starting, or perpetuating rumors seems to be the hobby of choice for many local residents. While the rumors and personal attacks can be infuriating for some, this is one of the few times we relish in "bad news" because our team of reporters are presented with a great opportunity to fact check the fibbers. 

Rumor: Stock up on bottled water to protect against COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Fact: COVID-19 Coronavirus is not transmitted by water. 

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We reached out to the Passaic Valley Water Commissioner about this rumor, their response was clear and concise:

"Coronavirus is not transmitted by water."

Read their entire statement Passaic Valley Water Commission Implements COVID-19 Coronavirus Protections here


Rumor: It is illegal to put up campaign signs on campaign headquarter buildings any time before 30 days before the election. 

Fact: It is not illegal to put up campaign signs on campaign headquarter buildings.

A social media rumor was making its rounds in the township claiming it was illegal to put campaign signs buildings that serve as campaign headquarters of local candidates. The rumor suggested that the law states that no signs can appear in town until 30 days before the election, the rumor went on to claim that specific municipal employees were a part of some vast conspiracy to cover up the alleged election fraud.

The law is very clear, lawn signs cannot appear until 30 days before the election. For the Nutley Board of Commissioners election on May 12, that means that as the clock strikes midnight on April 12, "Vote for Me" campaign signs will appear all over town, something akin to the sudden appearance of Pumpkin Spice everything showing up everywhere on August 15.

Those signs are on the campaign buildings are perfectly legal. TAPinto Nutley verified this information with the Office of the Essex County Clerk. There is no time frame given for HQ signs, so in theory, the candiates for the Nutley Board of Education election in November can put up sings on their HQ if they are so inclined.  


Rumor: Carrots improve eyesight.

Fact: While a deficiency of Vitamin A, found in carrots and other foods, can lead to vision issues, eating carrots will not improve one's vision. 

The rumor about carrots improving eyesight was started as a part of disinformation campaign in the 1940’s. The Royal Air Force was using an early form of radar and did not want the Nazis to know anything about this new technology. So to explain why British pilots had such an impressive records of hitting their targets the Home Office explained that the pilots were eating large amounts of carrots.


Rumor: TAPinto Nutley is interviewing Nutley Board of Commissioners candidates.

Fact: We're so engrossed in COVID-19 Coronavirus that we have not had much time to even think about the election, let alone interview candidates. 

We're not certain, but we're pretty sure this rumor may have started because TAPinto Nutley accepts candidate statements from any candidate running for office. Candidates can submit statements, free of charge, once a week, up to the Saturday before election day.

From time to time, we re-run our "Election Policies" on the site and across our social media platforms, for 2020, the policy first appeared on the site with the arrival of the new year. Candidates and their supporters may wish to take note of the TAPinto Nutley 2020 Election Policies that include information regarding issues like candidate statements and political advertising. 


Rumor: The media refuses to publish recovery rates. 

Fact: Recovery rate information is not available. 

Conspiracy theorists, some who sit on the boards of local non-profits, claim the "gloom and doom media" refuse to report the recovery figures  To date, there are only anecdotal stories of a few individuals who have recovered. On Monday, NJ Gov. Phil Murphy said, “While we are not anywhere close to being out of the woods yet,” said Murphy. “We are clearly on the right path to get there.” Read: NJ Coronavirus Growth Rate Slowing, But State Is Not Anywhere Close to Being out of the Woods, Murphy Says  

CDC reports indicate that a person my not exhibit symptoms for as long as two weeks after being exposed, and in most people diagnosed with COVID-19 Coronavirus, the protocol is to self-isolate for two weeks. 

TAPinto Nutley publisher John Lee stated "If we follow the lead of the conspiracy theorists, then we're probably going to be expected to write "most people who drink and drive don't kill anyone." Until there is concrete scientific proof from official sources, we cannot publish inaccurate, and potentially dangerous, information.


Rumor: Moving the May 12 Nutley Board of Commissioners Election to Vote-By-Mail (VBM) is being done so the incumbents to change the ballots at Nutley Town Hall.

Fact: VBM is being as the result of by Executive Order of the governor. The ballots are sent to the COUNTY clerk in Newark, not Nutley Town Hall. 

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy announced in March that the May 12 elections across the state will move to Vote By Mail (VBM) only. This change is being made to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

VBM has existed for decades. In the olden says one had to request a ballot ahead of every election to vote by mail. For the past several years, NJ residents have had the opportunity to VBM once, and then have every subsequent ballot, including local Board of Education, mailed to them. 

Given that ballots have to be received at the County Clerk's Office, TAPinto Nutley does not know when the results will be available. 


Rumor: The "Official Electronic News Source" has to cover my party, (beefsteak, non-profit meeting) ... it's the law! 

Fact: "Official Electronic News Source" is a designation regarding official notices, not news. 

This rumor was traced back to a senior citizen with no understanding of local law or the Constitution of the United States. It has been repeated by the individual so many times that some Municipal Employees and a board member of the Nutley Rotary demand reporters cover their events. 

The official designation is regard to Official Notices only. TAPinto Nutley regularly receives Official Notices from the township, and publishes them  in our Official Notices section. No government, local, state, or Federal, can control the news media, the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is very clear on this.

There is unique feature of the official designation regarding TAPinto Nutley that is unique. 

By state law, each municipality has to declare two official news sources so residents can find official notices about meetings, budget hearings, etc. The law is written so that only print media can be listed. And since the law cannot dictate what news organizations publish, official notices in the township of Nutley's other two official sources are published as PAID ADVERTISEMENTS. That's why you'll hear Pres Charlie Kucinski open the Board of Education meetings with ..."advertised in the Nutley Sun and sent to TAPinto Nutley." (advertised, meaning paid for, being the key word) 

Gov.Christie tried to change the law because he saw it as a way to divert township money from across the state to fund the Star Ledger.  

TAPinto Nutley, because we are not governed by the existing state law, receives no money from the Township of Nutley to publish official notices. The Nutley Sun and Star Ledger do.

As the township's only local news organization, Official Notices are published as a service to the community, FREE. Official Notices on TAPinto Nutley are published within 24 hours of being received, often sooner. 

read: TAPinto Nutley Unanimously named 2020 Official Electronic News Source of Township by Board of Commissioners


Given the number of rumor that are flying around town, like flies on a pile of horse,, you know, Fact vs Rumor will probably be back again between now and election day. 

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Since 2016,  has been the only locally owned news organization serving the Township of Nutley, and is a member of the New Jersey Press Association. The Nutley Board of Commissioners first named the township's 'Official Electronic News Source'  in 2019.

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