NUTLEY, NJ - Mayor/Parks and Recreation Commissioner Mauro G. Tucci announced during the Tuesday, Aug. 11 Nutley Board of Commissioners meeting that Eisai will fully occupy 200 Metro Blvd. at the On3 campus. PB Nutcliff Master, LLC also presented changes to the proposed Phase IIA of the redevelopment plan to the On3 site.

Eisai, a Japanese oncology and neurology-focused pharmaceutical company, currently based in Woodcliff Lake, will fully occupy the 15-story International style tower that anchors the life-science campus straddling the border of Nutley and Clifton. The pharmaceutical company joins Modern Meadow, Quest Diagnostics, and the Hackensack Meridian Health School of Medicine.

“In the middle of a pandemic with no state incentives to pull this off, this is a real unicorn. I think we should all take stock in the good fortune that we’ve been able to get. […] the most robust drug pipelines in the market,” said Eugene Diaz, principal, Prism Capital Partners, LLC.

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Diaz said three days before signing the agreement with Eisai, the New York Times published an article stating this company is the first with an Alzheimer’s drug that will be released to the market with expedited approval.

On3 Phase IIA

Attorney Meryl Gonchar of Sills Cummiss & Gross PC representing PB Nutcliff Master, LLC; Eugene Diaz; and Rich Procanik, civil department manager at GreenbergFarrow presented a modified redevelopment plan for Phase IIA at 111 Ideation Way at the On3 campus; formerly known as Building 102 on the Hoffmann-La Roche campus.

Gonchar said originally planned for construction was a 32,000 square foot pilot plant near 100 and 200 Metro Blvd. The modified plans presented at the meeting no longer include the pilot plant and therefore changes the size of the parking lot needed decreasing the number of additional spaces. The building on the site is now fully functioning with the allotted 120 spaces and on street parking. Originally proposed for the lot was another 108 spaces based on the pilot plant.

In addition, the developer no longer plans to reduce the landscaped buffer between the campus and the residential homes on the east side. PB Nutcliff Master, LLC plans to maintain the approximately 17 feet of space between the buildings and residential homes. They also plan to increase the landscaping. Because of the new proposal, they are not reducing the buffer to the same degree as planned and not at all in the area closest to the property.  Most of the existing trees will be kept and adding a few more trees and a fence along the property line.

Also proposed is a reduced amount of new parking to 146 on site and three additional street spaces, increasing the total to 10 near the building. Originally proposed was a minimum of 498 parking spots to a maximum of 830.

Diaz said originally proposed by the lease requirements was two and half spaces per 1,000 square feet which was more than the pilot plant required at one parking spot per 1,000 square feet.

According to Diaz, the tenants occupying the space Modern Meadow, Hackensack Meridian Health School of Medicine and Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc. R&D Laboratories favored keeping more green around the building and decided they no longer needed the parking requirements originally requested. Prism made amendments to the agreements decreasing the parking by 10 percent, which is still 150 percent greater than the original zoned parking when Hoffmann-La Roche owned the property. They also notified area residents of the changes to the plans.

“I think this plan meets our requirements under our leases; exceeds what was considered previous zoning requirements for laboratory research and development. […] We think that it’s a win-win for the community as it preserves a larger buffer zone between the houses and the building and the parking,” said Diaz.

Procanik explained how they were able to drop the original proposed 228 parking spaces down to 146, utilizing the existing 120-space parking lot. An additional 26 spots will be created along the east side, closer to the residential and 10 more spaces will be allocated to Ideation Way to 111 which would bring a total of 156 allocated for 111 at Hackensack Meridian Health School of Medicine’s parking garage. Procanik said they are also looking into increasing the parking field to the east.

The revised plan also proposes to subdivide a 1.2-acre parcel, which exceeds the redevelopment plan minimum lot requirement of one acre. The part subtracted would have been utilized for the pilot plant. “This is simply a subdivision to provide flexibility at the present time because otherwise its land is not proposed to be utilized since we will not be proceeding with the pilot plant,” said Gonchar.

There are no current plans for the subdivided area in the revised Phase IIA plans. Public Safety Commissioner Alphonse Petracco asked what the need to subdivide the property is. Diaz explained subdividing the property would lower the taxes on the tenants and the township would still be getting the full taxes on the property since Prism would own the unoccupied space.

In addition, PB Nutcliff Master, LLC is proposing to build a small patio area with a few tables on the south side of 111 Ideation Way.  Also included in the new proposal are security gates on the parking fields on the west and east side, to limit access to only authorized personnel, since Hackensack Meridian Health School of Medicine is charging their students for parking. According to Diaz, some students tried to avoid their parking charge by parking in other spots near the building.

Plans for Phase III of the On3 redevelopment are under way. Diaz plans to meet with the commissioners soon. 

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