To all 12 Candidates for Commissioner:

As a resident of the township of Nutley and voter trying to select the 5 candidates I found that there is not enough information for me to make an educated choice on whom to vote for.

All that is available for the most of the voters is your "candidate statements" and what I can gather from it, is that all of you have the best intentions, all of you ensure the voters that you have the best interest of the residents and the future of our town at heart. All nice and good, speaking for myself and because I do not know any of you personally that information is just not enough.

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I would need a bit more insight on what type of person you are. Proclaiming to have long as you lived for sometime in this planet you gather experience, that does not tell me much. The question is not about experience, but about management. What makes you tick? What is your moral backbone? What philosophy or ideology guides your decision-making? Are you a spiritual person or are you more secular in your views? Are you a fiscal conservative or are you attracted to socialist economics? 

Although this election is not based on Party affiliation, It makes me wish it was. At least next to your name the designations identified by (D,R or I) would go a long way to help me decide.

Francisco Chamorrinha