I'm writing to share why we should all vote for our incumbents Daniel Carnicella, Charles Kucinski, and Frank DeMaio for Board of Education on November 5.

One of the more common refrains you may hear from people supporting the challengers is, "We need a change on the BOE." The fact is, the incumbents have all been change agents in their tenure on the Board, and they have this district moving forward and upward with consistent momentum. 

During Mr. Kucinski’s and Mr. Carnicella's collective tenure on the Board, we have had the benefit of several academic improvements that have contributed to our rising standardized test scores and school rankings, such as:

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  • new curriculum based in best practices
  • new technology with 1-to-1 Chromebook initiative
  • expansion of the special needs program
  • rotating drop schedule at the high school, which allows students to take more classes
  • increase in the number of AP classes, and requirement that the students take the AP test

Our incumbents have also applied a methodical, layered approached to security that was well-researched, based on recommendations from experts, and included ongoing feedback from constituents. It was not a knee-jerk reaction driven by emotion.

Our incumbents have made an ongoing push for solving the issue of school overcrowding. Whether or not you supported the referendums put forward, if you attended any of the many presentations, you know that the Board and Administration did more than their due diligence to solve this problem.

The first referendum put forward a comprehensive plan to solve all of our crowding issues. And when that didn't pass, they put together a plan with options and incremental costs. The failure of the referendums to pass is not a failure of the BOE or the Administration. They put together a comprehensive solution to the problems this district faces with regard to space. Despite the disconnect among some residents to understand the scope of the problem and what is truly required to fix it in the long term, they have remained undeterred, always considering public feedback and working to find a long-term, cost-effective, viable way to solve this significant problem. 

Policies and plans aren’t instituted overnight. On any governing body, change is slow because it starts with a change in policy — policy that needs to be thoroughly vetted, researched, presented to the community, and then implemented in a way that is not disruptive. Based on their written statements and responses in candidate forums, the challengers do not appear to be prepared to solve the actual problems that this district faces.

On November 5, I will cast my votes for Frank DeMaio (1E), Danny Carnicella (5E), and Charlie Kucinski (6E). For the sake of our children and our community, I hope you will, too.