Let me say my thanks to all front line responders for taking care of our sick population. Your courage and dedication are an inspiration to our community.

I also want to comment on the quick response of Governor Murphy at the onset of this crisis. No one understood what we were dealing with or how to respond. He provided the initial foundation for safety as he perceived it and was advised.

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However, many questions concerning the safe-guarding of  our Constitutional Rights are coming into light.

Public safety and our Constitutional Rights are not mutually exclusive. First mandatory vaccines and mandatory entry and administering of tests to identify someone with COVID 19 is against my right—my home, my body, my choice. Removing someone from their home is unconstitutional when quarantining can occur in the home. Mandatory tracing is against my constitutional rights.  Again this should not be mandatory.

The CDC has just published that the current testing is faulty. It is only 48% accurate.  So that means someone comes into my home against my will and administers a faulty test and takes me out of my home when the testing can be wrong. That is insane and it is terrorizing the public.

Mandatory COVID 19 vaccines are insane.  There is an RNA factor in these vaccines that mutates the DNA for every cell in your body and can cause death, deformity in children to come and not only in the current children but in generations down the road. So why would I take a COVID 19 vaccine?

Why is this information suppressed or not brought up?

Lastly, I do not see our state or federal government advising us on proper nutrition during this crisis. No one is telling you to boost your immune system and how to do that. No nutritionists are on the panel.  All you hear is we will never overcome this virus. Fear!  Fear! Fear! I say to you the human body is a wonderful thing and boosting your immunity will help; e.g. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, berries are excellent, plant based diet—minimize meat intake and dairy, and stay away from sugar. The public should be told how to implement this program.  This regimen goes a long way in overcoming this virus.

This is a virus.  You cannot avoid it.  It will be part of our life from now on.  Our bodies will adapt.  We have millions if not trillions of viruses in our body right now.  Each time we let our bodies do the work, we become stronger. Why is this not shared?  Of course, those who already have severe physical conditions need more guidance on this issue, but the vitamin regimen and change in diet can only help.

Lastly a comment on masks.  If you are not wearing a N95 mask, you have no protection from the virus.  The pores of the mask are so large, the virus goes through.  When you sneeze, your sneeze will go through the mask. Wearing a mask causes oxygen deprivation which lowers your immunity which cause you to become susceptible to the virus.  If you are wearing an N95 mask then you are as stated before causing oxygen deprivation which lowers your immunity etc.

So you will ask me how do you slow the virus.  Ok, here’s where truth in the media comes into play.

Our governments and news media are not allowing doctors who have an alternate perspective on dealing with this virus to dialogue with the Medical Establishment and the Pharmaceutical Companies.  These doctors respect our freedoms, our constitutional rights. Their voices are being suppressed.  What could be the reason for this?  You decide.

As for me, my body is a wonderful thing.  I will use the wonderful fruits, plants, and supplements nature has provided and build my immunity and a stronger body.

Love and light to all of you and thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

Victoria Shields

Nutley, NJ