MAPLEWOOD AND SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - SOMA houses decorated for Halloween never disappoint, and this year is no exception with giant spiders, inflatable cats, and ghosts and goblins of all kinds to be found creeping from porches and haunting front yards. Below is a list of some of the spookiest homes in South Orange and Maplewood with Halloween decorations you don't want to miss.


  • The Giant Spider on Prospect (678 Prospect St., between Harvard St. and Tuscan Rd.) 
  • The Enormous Cat and Spooky Scene on Prospect (558 Prospect St., at the corner of Elmwood Ave.)
  • A Very Haunted Circle (Prospect. St., at the corner of Franklin Pl.)
  • Keep Out of Ridgewood (623 Ridgewood Rd., at the corner of Mountain Ave.)
  • Fire-Breathing Dragon (536 Ridgewood Rd., at the corner of Woodland Ave.)
  • The Huge Monster Face on Ridgewood Terrace (34 Ridgewood Terrace, between Wyoming Ave. and Ridgewood Rd.) And right next door there is...
  • Graves and Ghouls (32 Ridgewood Terrace, between Wyoming Ave. and Ridgewood Rd.)
  • Biohazards on North Terrace (32 North Terrace, between Oakland Rd. and Parker Ave.)


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  • The House of Horrors on Summit (413 Summit Ave., near the intersection with Garfield Pl.) 
  • So Many Inflatables on Meadowbrook (171 Meadowbrook Pl., near Hillside Pl.)
  • Lights! Monsters! Action! (Corner of Meadowbrook Lane and Mountain House Rd.)
  • The Haunted House on Beech Spring (363 Beech Spring Rd., between N. Wyoming Ave. and N. Ridgewood Rd.)
  • The Yard with All the Inflatables (N. Wyoming Ave., near the intersection with Tillou Ave.)
  • Fright Fest on Glenview (53 Glenview Rd., near the intersection with Allen Ct.) 
  • Haunted Glenview (67 Glenview Rd., between Allen Ct. and Hoskier Rd.)
  • All Things Halloween (68 Whiteoak Dr., between Allen Ct. and Hoskier Rd.)


In previous years there have been impressive decorations on Halloween night only at "Area 13" at 13 Slater Ave. in Maplewood and a large display at 7 Colonial Terr. in Maplewood.