NUTLEY, NJ - Students at all levels of Nutley High School have many courses, programs and extracurricular activities to choose from. Whether students are looking to explore new electives in robotics, writing or business, the rigor of advanced placement courses, the challenge of varsity sports and enriching artistic programs, or vocational opportunities, there is something for all students at NHS.

“For several years, our high school staff has worked diligently to research, craft and implement our Rotating Drop Schedule,” said Mr. Kent Bania, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 6-12. “This schedule provides new course offerings and a shift in the school’s culture and climate. We hope students will explore new areas, hone their skills and find their passion.”

The implementation of the Rotating Drop Schedule has offered students the opportunity to dip into a variety of new electives and courses, which may lead to new-found interests and even possible career aspirations.

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“We conducted a survey of students, parents, and alumni, and based on the findings, created the new courses we are offering this year in business, digital arts, computer science, robotics, theatre arts, and engineering,” said Dr. James Riley, Coordinator of Fine, Practical and Performing Arts.

New NHS course offerings this year include: Intro to Computer Programing, Robotics,

Fundamentals of Business and Personal Law, Fundamentals of Investment Management,

Accounting, Marketing, Intro to Drafting and Design, AP Art History, Journalism and Creative Writing.

“High school students don’t have to know the exact career they want, but they should know how to explore careers and dedicate some of their time into investigating them as well as learning about their own skills and interests,” said Mrs. Jill Divilio, Director of School Counseling. “Taking courses that expose them to a variety of careers is just one piece of this process.  Our coordinators have introduced new classes this year that provide our students with this opportunity.”

In addition to new courses, the internship and vocational programs continue to grow at NHS. Ms. Persis Aviles, of the School Counseling Department, mentions the Hospital Work Internship, Student Directed Experiential Learning Vocational Experiences, and Work Study opportunity as programming students can take advantage of at NHS to immerse themselves into a career or vocational field.  “If a student has the desire and time in their schedule, we can find something for everyone, at every level,” said Ms. Aviles.

Students interested in teaching are placed in the Tomorrow’s Teachers Program. Students in the special education program learn work skills and are then placed with a job coach and an opportunity at CVS, Shop Rite or a local employer. “Often times, at the end of the year, our students are offered a job,” said Ms. Aviles.

The Hospital Work Internship, in partnership with Clara Maass Medical Center in Belleville, offers opportunities, which appeal to all different types of learners. “Students, at all levels, can take part in the hospital work program,” said Ms. Aviles. “Whether there’s an interest in the medical field, nutrition, or food management, the opportunities at Clara Maass suit many of our students.”

Mr. Bania and Ms. Aviles have also helped to place two students in internship programs this year; one at a local law firm and one at a physical therapy facility.

“We hope to provide opportunities for all our students,” said Mr. Denis Williams, NHS Principal. “We recognize that college isn’t for everyone and our staff has worked hard over the years to create programs which appeal to all post high school plans.”

Programming and course offerings will continue to develop at NHS through the work of staff and administrators and the opportunities made possible by the new schedule. “We have met with both Eastwick and Essex County Vocational Technical School, both of which were eager to establish a receiving relationship with our district,” said Dr. Riley. Superintendent, Dr. Julie Glazer, adds that, “we also look forward to developing a partnership with the new Seton Hall/Hackensack Medical School, when they arrive in Nutley.”