NUTLEY, NJ - On June 7th, hundreds of people marched through Nutley in solidarity in response to the recent deaths due to police brutality, specifically George Floyd of Minnesota. The protest started with a gathering in Yanticaw Park where people listened to the leaders of the protest as well as other black community members who spoke about personal experiences and the importance of the movement. 

One individual, Aria Jennings, is a senior at Nutley High School who not only marched in the streets but provided input on the necessity for Nutley to address the issues of racism throughout the community, especially as the town becomes more diverse. She stated that she has repeatedly experienced racism growing up in Nutley and believes that the black community “needs to be heard” and that everyone regardless of race should be “respected.” She then explained that Nutley Schools needs to be a place where “racism is not tolerated.”  Jennings believes that words are empty without action. She asks the members of the protest to “demand action” and voice the injustice at the local level. This, she says, is essential in changing your community. 

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